Your opinion please...

I know we have no lack of opinion on this forum so what do you think about this:

It looks like a fight that they ruled a no contest due to an accidental headbutt (that doesn't really look like it connected flush).

I won't even bother mentioning that I am headbutted in wrestling at least 10 times per practice and if I were to complain during a match or stopped a match due to bleeding from a headbutt, the other guy would be ruled the winner and I would be told to suck it up and take it like a man.

Nogueira won 'nuff said.

You can see where it connects when Fedor's head snaps to the side a bit. It doesn't connect flush, but it still connects.

I definately think Nog won that fight. If a fighter is injured and can't continue, then the other fighter should be ruled the winner. It happened with Belfort/Couture 2, where Belfort's glove just grazed Couture's eye and cut him so that he couldn't continue. Belfort was ruled the winner there. I know that was in the UFC, but it also happened in the last Pride when Crocop fought Barnett. Barnett hurt his shoulder, couldn't continue, so Crocop was given the win.

i wanna see a clean victory by one of the 2 not a shitty stoppage.

cut stoppages are bullshit anyway. the fight should never be stopped on a cut alone.

Nog won.

hmm it looks like fedor used his shoulder as a weapon, not a headbutt, and if thats the case, it would of been a legal move, right?!

We're gonna see it soon. Both guys will be rested up and ready to rumble!

It looks to me the way Fedor is coming forward, his
intention was to hit heads and hope that Nog was cut
and not him (Fedor). I didn't see the match itself,
but this is what I see from that clip.

I'm also very tired, and when I'm this tired, my eyes
play tricks on me.

Fedor & Nog could fight 100 times and the fight look and result in exactly the same fashion every single time. Fedor GnP Nog until the bell sounds, period. (unless something crazy like a cut happens of course)

Looks like Fedor turned his head in an attempt to head butt him,just didn`t catch him the way he wanted .That is illegal right?

Looks like two large sweat men wrassling around.