Your own promotion

I was just watching tv and seen sum people who won millions of dollars in the lottery and they were showing what they spent it on.. and i was thinking how zuffa bought the ufc for a million bucks.So that got me to thinking what i could do with a few million. I would have all my dream matches on the 1st show. Plus u could have your own rules..depending on where it was sanctioned.. i would def. have pride rules. But i think i would steel shamrocks idea..and use a mat instead of a ring or cage.. just one big mat.Well enough of what i would do.. what would u guys do with a few million and your own promotion?

yep, kumite style, with a mat and tiki torches...

Events on mats don't do to well.I've been to a few of them

I would have an 32 Man Open Tournament.No weight limits,time limits,no Judges,with very limited rules.No eye gouges,everything else goes.Winner moves on 1 month later in this 1 Million Dollar survival of the fittest winner take all Tournament!