Your personal bets for tonight?

I have a couple hundred smolka going BIG Phone Post 3.0

$100 on Robbie at plus 140. Lmao at the champ being the dog. Phone Post 3.0

$20 on Money. Phone Post 3.0

$1 says conor hurts his knee(s) in the fight and is out for 18 months or more. Bam. Call me mystic mac because I jinx these things.

I've got:

Mendes, Macdonald, Nelson and Brown
£5stake for a £73 return


McGregor, Macdonald, Picket and Means
£2.50 stake for a £96 return

Betting big lol Phone Post 3.0

$20 on Swick, Lawler and Mendes to win $480 Phone Post 3.0

I bet $20 on Robbie and another $20 on Mendes with my buddy. Took his money last time betting on Weidman over Vitor. Lookin to keep the streak alive. Phone Post 3.0

I also have 80 on Bermudez to win 40. If both my bets play out well ima wing something on the main event still not sure what though my heat says Connor my brain says Mendes Phone Post 3.0

20 on Mendes
20 on Gunnar
Parlay for 5 Phone Post 3.0

ive got $500 on mendes... cold feet now but was confident when i made the bet

I've got 3 going tonight, all out there parlays. This is the big one :)

If a blue would be so kind.

I bet nothing, but Lawler, the dirty bird, and mendes are all live dogs.

Heap of small bet parlays. 150 on chad to win by ko @ $6

Still thinking bout dropping a couple hundred on chad for a first round ko @ $9

Never bet on the fights before.

I've put over $6k across the board tonight.
$3,500 on McGregor
$2,000 on Gunnar
$1000 split between the rest of the fights and if I win my bets I'm putting all that $ on Wonderboy tomorrow. Phone Post 3.0

$10 Bermudez within the distance +180
$20 on Gunnar
$10 on picket just cause those odds are ridiculous

A few others too. I wish Cody No love wasn't such a massive favorite or I'd bet on him. Phone Post 3.0

I'm not going to tell you. Their personal. Phone Post 3.0

I haven't put a lot of thought into tonight's fights, kinda just decided a couple of hours ago to put some money down. I haven't really bet on anything in about a year. Anyhow, this is what I've got after a couple hours.

Locks: 10 66.47 Brown Mendes Alcantara

Locks + XValue(Pickett) 7.50 350.94
Locks + XValue(Swick) 7.50 236.24
Locks + Value(Stephens) 7.50 150.22
Locks + Value(Howard) 7.50 112.94
Locks + XValues 5 1010.59

Locks + Values + Tossups(Gunnar,Ruthless) 1 6121.27
Parlay-Gunnar+Thatch 1 4475.50
Parlay-Howard+Pendred 1 4996.77
Parlay-Stephens+Bermudez 1 3214.74
Parlay-Ruthless+Rory 1 4183.14

Parlay-Swick+Garcia 1 1744.72
Parlay-Swick+Garcia-Gunnar+Thatch 1 1275.44
Parlay-Swick+Garcia-Howard+Pendred 1 1424.07
Parlay-Swick+Garcia-Stephens+Bermudez 1 915.94
Parlay-Swick+Garcia-Ruthless+Rory 1 1232.39

Parlay-Pickett+NewKid 1 1084.52
Parlay-Pickett+NewKid-Gunnar+Thatch 1 792.71
Parlay-Pickett+NewKid-Howard+Pendred 1 885.14
Parlay-Pickett+NewKid-Stephens+Bermudez 1 569.17
Parlay-Pickett+NewKid-Ruthless+Rory 1 765.94

A lot of live dogs tonight. People are talking about this being the biggest card ever... I'd go a step further and say it's also the biggest betting card ever.

Here we go!! Phone Post 3.0

FETT_TFK_El Pescadero - $100 on Robbie at plus 140. Lmao at the champ being the dog. Phone Post 3.0

This fight is one of the biggest toss ups in my mind. There's very clear paths for both guys to win. Robbie by DEC if he can keep it standing, otherwise Rory by grind. Who will do what? Who knows. It's nearly a coin toss with the bookies, which seems a bit right.