Your top 10 lists are needed!!!

Happy new year everyone.

I'm going to add an archive section to

It should be interesting in the future, to look back at the top 10 lists from yesteryear.

Anyway, I need everyone to follow the links at to submit their opnions. There's an easy format that will make list making simple.

Since this is going to be an archived "year-end" tally, I need thousands of votes to make sure the result is truly the concensous of the MMA community.

Thanks and all the best for 2004.

Gary Mac

P.S. Please give this a ttt so others can see it and get involved. Thanks again.


Just vote wise guy! :)

It's going really well everyone, keep the votes coming!

190 lists have come in since New Years.

Thanks very much everyone, keep 'em coming!

I just posted my rankings on my own thread.

Your welcome to use them if you like but i guess i would appreciate some credit if your puttin names with them.

Just email me at:


Over 250 entries since Jan 1st. All contributors are appreciated, but only those who fill in the website reference spot get mention at

Keep them coming everyone!