Your top 10 moments in fights

From 2017 that made u stand out of your seat/yell holy shit!/throw your adult beverage or cell phone in anger??
I didn't even think of mine before hand so I gotta think as I make this.

In no particular order
1 ngannous uppercut of alistair (I think that's gonna be one of the top knockouts in history when people look back years from now,I thought he was dead)

2 Justin g. Vs Michael johnson final round before the knockout( even my girlfriends 2 friends who Don't really watch mma got out of there seats,incredible ufc debut for that kid)

3. Shevchenko getting the armbar against pena. I know a lot of people might be like, really dude?? But I know that all the ways I saw valentina winning didn't include an armbar,it was incredible to me

4. Ngannou's destruction or Andre arlovski, that fight had me going holy shit,this dude might be something special for reals.

5. Oeinik getting an Ezekiel choke..that just blew my mind,dude was in full mount and then all of a sudden he's tapping,seriously that was nuts

6. Volkan knocking out jimi m. In "no time" blew my mind how quickly he dispatched a top 5 fighter with that level of quickness and ease.

7 Paul daleys knockout of Brandon ward. Holy fuck!!! Is I believe what I yelled while watching that fight live lol,normally I dvr Bellator but for whatever reason I watched it live that night,Paul hits a spinning elbow and then a double flying knee lands flush. Amazing.

8 the mighty mouse slam-bar. Don't even have to say shit about it. If u watched it play out live like I did u were in disbelief.

9. Cody garbrandts complete clowning and destruction of douchebag Dominic cruz. I made a $300 dollar bet with my friend that night,he was willing to do that big of a bet because he was so sure I was crazy,the only thing better than watching Cody pull off that master piece of a fight round after round was the look of horror on my friends face after that first round hahaha.

10 thug rose wins the title...I mean holy fuck,I honestly never would have picked rose to be the one to dethrone joanna,especially by tko. I love joanna so watching her get tko'd when she was just starting to be talked about in the pound for pound wmma conversation 24/7 really sucked,but I also love rose namajunas so it was a weird moment where I kept going from pissed off to happy.

What are your guys' top ten moments of 2017??

every time bisping got finished

ranier wolfcastle -

every time bisping got finished

Lol yeah those were great moments as well. Honorable mention section that goes for sure.