Yves Lavigne: 'Those are not my quotes'

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                                Yves Lavigne: 'Those are not my quotes'

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Ariel Helwani: “I know it’s been a rough of couple of days for you.”

Yves Lavigne: “That’s an understatement. Personally, but not professionally.”

AH: “Absolutely. How have you been dealing with all of this?”

YL: “Umm… it’s been rough. You know, when you did nothing wrong, it’s been rough. I don’t know how the heck I came in the middle of all of this.”

AH: “So you say you’ve done nothing wrong and by that you mean you have never talked to this individual ... who claims to have interviewed you and have gotten all these comments from you about things that you said about Josh Koscheck and GSP. You never talked to this guy before, right?”

YL: “No, I… maybe I spoke with him during an event, you see a lot of people but you’re going to have to help me out here, Ariel. What words should I choose. You know I’m going to try to make a few sentence and tell me if it’s suitable for what I want to say. I did not give him an interview on or off record. Those are not my quotes. This is not me. Is that enough?”

AH: “That is enough.”

YL: “Thank you. Because, you know, I read a few things on the Internet and I’m like, OK, maybe I should have said it differently but my English is not as good as I want to and I don’t see all the nuance or subtlety in the words. So, look, I didn’t do it, basically.”

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LOL, already 5 pages deep on MMA Fighting.

Yves Lavigne Talks Controversy Over Comments: 'Those Are Not My Quotes'
By Ben FowlkesPosted: 09/07/2010 03:21 PM ET



Yves Lavigne is class.

Koscheck had the right to be pissed, but he should take yves at his word and apologize. squash it.

fuck being a baby about it.

yves isn't out to fuck w/ koscheck.

like he's going to set precedent w/ this guy or something and completely do a 180 from what his actions and persona have shown in the past.

Imagine that, who would have ever imagined it'd be possible to just make up interviews and post them on a website and have it passed off as legit news in the MMA world...

 I believe Yves here

he's too smart to say stuff like that, in public anyways

What did he say allegedly?

Why is Koscheck still mad about it? Phone Post

Good that Lavigne cleared that up. He's a quality referee but he needs to stay focused a bit more.