Zoro Moreira steps in2 fight Roger Huerta @One FC


Kinda weird that two lightweights have to fight at 77kg (170lbs) just cos Baroni called out Huerta, and then lost a tune-up fight by stoppage!

Either way, Huerta needs the win to push on for a fight that will get him back to the elite (i.e. Aoki, Masvidal etc etc) and Zoro earns a bigger name for himself if he wins

Great match up! Phone Post

Baroni was totally overmatched against Huerta, Zoro will be a great fight.


great opportunity for Zoro... dangerous one for Huerta a la War Machine (no name, but if he loses... lose/lose situation for Roger)

Good fight to see where Zoro is at and what (if anything) he needs to refine in order to be a top level fighter.

He'll have the size advantage over Huerta, especially going up to WW from LW. He'll be so long, thick and girthy. Can't wait to see him.

I like Zoro in this one. Should be a fun fight.

War Zoro! Phone Post

One FC puts on a great show . Love to watch some soccer kicks , foot stomps , knees to the head from side control , etc .

 they spoke at the summit about the rulesets - it's like a modified PRIDE/UFC hybrid. Soccer kicks when the person is still capable of defending, no stomps, knees to the head allowed. Great rules imo