ZST Grand Prix pics

These are pics from sportsnavi.yahoo.co.jp of the Opening Round of the second ZST GP, for those who care.

Hideo Tokoro def. Shuichiro Katsumura by guillotine choke 0:38 R1

Remigijus Morkevicius def. Boulem Belaini by KO 0:05 R1

Masahiro Oishi def. Stephen Gillinder by armbar 0:31 R1

Hirotaka Miyakawa def. Mike French by guillotine choke 4:01 R1

Sam Nest def. Kestutis Smirnovas by rear naked choke 4:58 R2

Yuta Watanabe def. Crafter M by armbar 4:46 R2

Jesus, Tokoro is a fucking machine.

Katsumura has pretty good hands, and a very good submission game.

Never would have expected him to submit Katsumura.

nice pics

Excellent - thanks heaps for those Ryan. Shame there's so few pics of Sam Nest defeating Kestutis Smirnovas though. I'm sure everybody will see and hear a lot more of him in the future however!

Nest deserves a crack at the UFC or Pride. He deserved it a long time ago.

He's not the only one out there that deserves a shot, but he's definitely on the list. Hopefully we can make it happen. Thanks again for the photos.

Awesome pics. Thanks Ryan.

ZST ring girls are hot.

Those are a lotta pics of the Mork fight for it only being 5 seconds. Props to the photographer.

arent zst rules like that of rings???

Yep, very similar to Rings, but with no rope escapes. Good, fast action!

WoW That dude from Lithuania has to be the badest midget.  Japanesse girls are taller than him!!!

Thanks Ryan G.

Great pics... damn Remigijus Morkevicius keeps winning.

Crafter M!!!!!!!!


Pics are always appreciated, homes (esp. for fights most of us will never get to see)

Big up!

I think pound for pound, Mork might be the best striker in MMA. HIs opponent was a pretty good kickboxer, and Mork blew right through him.

Nice Pics!

ZST ring girls are the hottest I've seen in Japan! I'd marry them (ALL) in a heartbeat! Check out the ZST homepage to see more pics of them. God they are cute.