Zuffa build up Buentello

Zuffa should build up Paul Buentello correctly. Don't feed him to Orlavski right away. He can be the break out hispanic fighter they have been looking for. He should fight Kyle, Telligman or even Wes Simms next.

as much as I would love to see them do Buentello right, I swear to god, if Wes Sims is brought back into the UFC, I am flying to the UFC offices and punching out everyone in there personally.

The ufc could use a few tomatoes like Simms to build fighters with.

I agree with Fight!

I don't care. Wes Sims belongs in the UFC cage about as much as I do.

Agreed. Buentello was very impressive and shouldnt be fed to the big dogs just yet. He has amazing, fast hands for a guy his size.

Telligman would eat him up!!