Zuffa is Doing a great Job

Is Seems Zuffa effort is paying off.

There are getting a few TV Shows on Spike TV.

www.mmaweekly.com reports that a new UFC Movie is being developed by director of "15 minutes".

UFC is way more recognizable now, they mention fighters names on TV shows, Fighters get Major TV exposure, etc.

Way to Go, Keep up the good Job.

2 upcoming UFC shows on Spike Tv is not enough verified Data to support that statement?

i agree it appears fighters are starting to get some mainstream credibility weve lacked for a long time. these shows also will go a long way.

ill still maintain the sport will not have a chance to really explode until there is a weekly/monthly show with live fights where casual fans can get a taste for the sport for free. ive hoped for a show like Boxing After Dark for HBO, or Friday Night fights.

anyways, what have been the PPV buys for the last 5 UFC's? are they even breaking 100k yet?

UFC needs to setup an amateur/semi pro circuit.  Possibly buy into one of the existing smaller shows.  Give up n comers shots on the smaller shows (to earn their way to a UFC spot).  Stick these shows on free to air (with maybe one quality UFC caliber fight) to attract new fans.


ive always thought a show on cable would need some stars to fight to get notice. i mean there is a big difference between A and even B grade UFC fighters, over alot of the average everday pros.

any fights televised is good, but i would think if you really wanted to get people in you need to show them some of the better talent we have. plus i would think any big fighter would love to get the publicity.

They are making incredible steps forward to mainstream acceptance...the Spike shows with the WWE lead-in is a good looking move, anxious to see how it all plays out soon......from the looks of American Casino, this will be a slick well done show and I anticipate a great success based on what ive seen from the prducers

You need data?

When Zuffa took over, UFC was not on PPV. Now it is. It has DVDs that are among the bestselling sports DVDs. PPV buyrates show steady improvement. Tito has been on the Tonight show. UFC fights have been on Fox Sports Network. UFC will have one or two shows on Spike in 2005. UFC has great live gates in Las Vegas.

Sure, everyone has some ideas. I do too. But you can't deny the overall progress. And we don't know- maybe Zuffa has considered or tried those ideas and can't them right now.

What were the buyrates for the last 5 UFC's?

TheKangaroo, I don't know what the buyrate was for the
last 2 UFCs....but UFC 48 with Shamrock vs. Kimo got
110,000 buys...UFC 47 with Tito vs. Liddell got
104,000 buys and UFC 46 with Randy vs. Vitor got
75,000 buys. This has all been confirmed by the Nevada
State Athletic Commission.

Like Redskins Fan said, when Zuffa took over the UFC
it wasn't on In Demand PPV which is the PPV that like
90% of American homes have.

Zuffa has taken a sport that was nearly dead and taken
it to the brink of mainstream acceptance

I agree, Zuffa have taken the UFC to the next level (and will hopefully take it beyond).  I always back those guys. I was just suggesting ways of increasing the market they've already begun to establish.


" i agree...the last few shows have been great and actually better than the pride ones"

Surely not? Now, i'm a fan of the UFC, but lets not say things we can't take back.

Pride has clearly owned UFC on all level's over the last few shows.

Whilst Elvis' idea is sound I'm not sure Zuffa has the time/resources to run the feeder shows at this point. Subsequently they would have to work in partnership with other promoters and I'm fairly sure that they would be unhappy to give that level of control over potentially who gets into their shows to other promoters.

Evidence that Zuffa is doing a great job - in the UK I only wait about 3 months to see an event on DVD as opposed to 2+ years to get it on video.

TTT, Zuffa and Dana are doing a GREAT JOB!!! We always pick on them for certain aspects of their efforts, but when you look at the big picture the job they have done is simply phenomenal. I am not sure the sport would even be alive in U.S. without their efforts.

what were the buyrates for the last few UFC's?


I don't believe the Nevada State Athletic Commision has released them

As far as Zuffa doing a good job, I agree 110%!! I mean people may not
like Dana White, for getting rid of alot of good fighters, I personally am
pissed at him for that, but the UFC has done awesome compared to the
SEG's days.

I am hoping it can get even bigger.

Elvis is correct and until UFC gives some free feeder fights the sport will never grow and dont kid urselfs UFC,MMA is rinkydink in the US

lol @ free fights

The feeder shows would be a biproduct of live television fights.