Zuffa planning a April Fools joke?

As fight night gets closer, I am really starting to wonder if the UFC is going to pull another fast one, and not show the prelims again, even after saying that they would show as many of them as possible as time permits(Dana circa 2/2/04 on a thread he made). I have my doubts that they will keep their word and fill their time slot, and wonder if this will just end up as a late April Fools joke for the sports biggest fans courtesy of the Zuffa crew.


Personally I am going to wait for the replay, and if I see bitching on here about the prelims not being shown and time being left, again, not buy the PPV....but if not and all goes well, I'll buy the first replay. I recommend you all to do the same so you don't end up screwed over.

Screw me over once, shame on you. Screw me over twice, shame on me. Screw me over 3 times??....NOT HAPPENING.

Do the right thing ZUFFA....make the fans happy and stick to the word of your main man, Mr President, Dana White.

/fighting the good fight

"Dana, will you show as many prelims as
possible as time permits in the next show?" -concerned fan

"YES" -Dana White

*Shows 4 fights on PPV; ends show hour early*

"AH HAAAAHAHA!!...April Fools!!" *points & laughs* -ZUFFA


ttt for more fights and less or Bruce Buffer reading off B celebrity names.


Yeah I`m going to miss the live event and and come on here and see if it was any good and see all the results too. ...



I bet one of the main fights does NOT happen. Count on it.

"That or they think we are all fools."

Only you my man, only you...

why not cut down on the stupid chit chat and just show the fights.

LOL @ bryanand!

'define: "BOHICA"?'

Bend Over Here It Comes Again

Lenny - The official time for spoiled litte complainers to start crying all over the UG is after the UFC, not before. Please wait for the designated time, then join all your friends and cry and whine about the show no matter how good it was.

Don't you be crying when the UFC ends up just like Boxing then dummy....which is EXACTLY where it is progressing towards and where it seems ZUFFA wants to take it....with ONE good fight, and 2 possibly 3 much much lower quality undercard fights in which the fighters aren't paid crap. Oh yeah, we are ALMOST there.

I was just trying to assure that it don't end up that way THIS SHOW, as Dana said in a short-lived thread that it won't and all the prelims will be shown as time permits....but he has said that before too and it didn't happen, and the thread he said it in this time suspiciously dissappeared shortly after he said it.

If the time slot is filled this time around and all prelims are shown, it will be a direct result of the pissed off fans like myself expressing their opinions on the subject, not fucktards like yourself who talk shit to the people that care. You can bet your ass that if noone said anything, that no prelims would be shown...again.(and they still might not be)