Zuffa's been on a roll recently

Their 2 most recent big announcements have been great moves both from fan perspective and from a long term business one. Cain vs JDS on Fox was THE fight to make. There will potentially more eyes on that fight than any other in North American MMA history. The winner of that fight will most likely become the face of the UFC to a whole new segment of fans. They absolutely chose the best men for the job. Cain and JDS are young, exciting HWs who should be around for a long time. The fight itself should be fireworks and the fact that it's a HW championship fight makes it all the more appealing to the casual fan. Great move by Zuffa.

Overeem vs Brock is another huge and deeply compelling fight that shows a lot of forward thinking by the UFC. I've said for a long time that Alistair has the potential to become a mega star in the US. Fans love a HW destroyer who knocks people out in devastating fashion. Alistair looks the part and he's done it on an international scale. What better way to introduce him to your fan base than by matching up with the single biggest star in your organization?

If Alistair wins and does so impressively, you've launched him into a "household" name(relatively speaking) overnight. You know have another huge, charismatic in his prime HW star. If Brock wins, than your cash cow has just re-energized his career and made himself a legitimate title contender once again. Regardless, you've set up a huge HW championship fight with the winner of Cain-JDS and the winner of Reem-Lesnar. This is exceptional match making.

I've criticized Zuffa in the past for certain decisions or statements they made, so it's only fair to give praise when praise is do. The last week has featured some truly great moves by Zuffa both for the fans and for the business itself. Props to Dana and Zuffa for this one.

 The longer Dana White keeps his mouth shut and stops publically questioning the heart of his fighters, the more I get to appreciate the good work that the UFC is doing. Hopefully the FOX deal keeps him relatively muzzled for awhile, the fighters deserve the attention that gets heaped upon DFW's antics.

Brown Pride is mainstream America's first eye full of the UFC.

Woot woot

 I agree with nhbguy

I guess you have to throw the whole Diaz/Condit/GSP/BJ love quadrangle in there as well. I'm excited to see both of these fights.

 exciting times to be a mma fan for sure.

Most psyched I've been for mma in a few years especially after the amazing Rio card Phone Post