#1 Female Fighter breaking news!

TTT for Tara keepin' it real cause she keeps it real!

TTT for Tara

I will always be a fan.

"People want to try to kick me when I'm down... so I'm gonna start stompin' mudholes in arses."

That kinda horrnied me, but then again I'm an absolute freak. Congrats on the win this past weekend Tara.

Carano has a long way to go with her game.

It sucks that we have an opportunity to hear some breaking news from such an accomplished female fighter and people are on here bashing her for her looks.  I am glad she is strong enough to ignore the hate and continue to post. 

So what is the breaking news?


tara la rosa = good for the sport

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Cliff Nees
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what's up Cliff

I'm going to join the others that already asked. You said the #1 female fighter on earth. So where is the breaking news on Megumi Fuji?

Oh, and Tara beats Gina Carano quickly.

Would it be possible for LaRosa and Carano to meet at a catch weight. I know Carano struggles to make 141. Does LaRosa cut down that much.

Let's be real, this is the fight that everyone wants to see who pays attention to Women's MMA.

"LaRosa could kick Gina's ass & is roughly twice as hot."


Lee Lohff hates all women....

When I spoke to Tara Friday night she said she was at 125. Join us in our chat room tonight during the interview with Tara LaRosa starting at 8pm ET and have the opportunity to have your question asked. Go to www.mmaradioretail.com and click on chat. Myself and my co-host Jen "Coyote" Goodall with be in the chat room during the interview and we will ask Tara as many questions as we can from listeners.

See you there!!


Tara's gi smells like vinegar and cheese. True story.

Tara, I'm hoping you've burned that old gi and got a new one.

Tara hopefully you have thick enough skin not to want to kick the asses of the guys giving you shit. It would be bad for the sport, considering most fans are males, to have a a girl damaging guys' bodies and egos :)

Congrats on your recent win. Too bad it's not quite as convenient to watch your fights now that bodog is off tv, but they're worth tracking down.

Is the big news that Randy no longer wants to fight Fedor because after watching tape of you, he thinks you're the bigger challenge?

gina and tara will fight fedor on NYE in a handicap match.


Lee Lohff hates all women....