10 Mod. 1's Left...

Not forever, obviously, but just for the remainder of the year.

I'm changing the way the Mod. 1 is packaged by taking out the jump ropes (too much vendor trouble). This means I'm taking $10 off the price off of the Mod. 1, bringing it down to $89.95 and shipping drops to $5 as well. That damn rope forced me to use bigger packages which upped the shipping price.

Anyway, I want to get these last few out to people before Christmas/New Years. Getting these out will also help me launch the next Scrapper product!

I'll be posting this on my site in the next coming week but, as usual, I like to give this forum first dibs on anything I've got.

If you're interested, send me an email at:


Train hard,


SCRAPPER...Did you get my e-mail? let me know if those two look good.


I got it, but I need something for each individual CARD. DUH!

e-mail or call me...


LOL @ Taky.

I'll be mailing you today or tomorrow too fishy.



Just sent you an example of what I'm looking for. See how the bootstrappers are strategically placed for maximum enjoyment?


hey scrapper what's the URL to your website??

tks dub