10 second KO after 'glove touch' controversy


I apologise if this has already been posted.
This was pretty brutal.

Subbed for someone to embed an iPhone vid . Phone Post

Gaff came to fight, Maia came to touch gloves

Hard to tell if she faked the glove touch from that angle.

A shitty thing to do

That is low!

I know I know! "protect yourself at all times" BS

Still that was like a sucker punch!

What happened with conducting yourself in a sportsman/woman like fashion?

They already touched gloves at the face off ... why do people insist on touching again?

Dirty. Phone Post

crazydave - They already touched gloves at the face off ... why do people insist on touching again?

 Some people are so slow, they have a problem comprehending even the simplest of instructions..

Does the ref say to " touch gloves and  COME OUT FIGHTING", or does he say  to "touch gloves, and then come out and touch gloves, and then fight"???

They should ban glove touching once the fight starts

If you ever watch Fedor..... if a guy comes out to touch gloves, he hesitates and keeps his distance, then he gives a quick tap.... Total master of the game.

She uses the same strategy I use in undisputed 3 Phone Post

Fighting is stressful, people do stupid shit under pressure sometimes. Half the people calling fighters stupid wouldn't make it out of the dressing room from nerves. Phone Post

IFlewTooCloseToTheSun - 
crazydave - They already touched gloves at the face off ... why do people insist on touching again?
Agreed Phone Post

Glove toucher had it coming.

I for the live of me can not figure out why MMA fighters touch gloves at the start of a round.

If you are dumb enough to leave your self unprotected once the bell has sounded, you deserve what you get.

Anyone who's watched more that 5 fights should know that it's an unwritten rule about touching gloves as a sign of respect. Dirty move IMO.

That being said, there's no rule against it, and no rule saying that you need to touch gloves. No rule was broken - but still a dick move.

 They already touched gloves a few seconds before no need to do it again.

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Pretty shitty thing to do - I mean, it's not against the rules, but to do that, you're basically using a tactic of hitting someone when you know they aren't defending themselves in order to get an easy advantage.

Can't see from the video, but I take it all back if the puncher signals that she wont touch gloves once the bell goes - Maia had her hand out as she left her corner so it was obvious what she intended.