155 lbs rankings?


Who's next?

Probably Melendez then Aoki

  1. Bj
    2. Gray Maynard
    3. Shinya Aoki
    4. Eddie Alvarez
    5. Tatsuya Kawajiri
    6. Gilbert Melendez
    7. Frankie Edgar
    8. Diego Sanchez
    9. Ken Florian
    10. Josh Thomson

Savior_Self - seriously guys who the fuck has gray maynard beat?

the guy just went to a split with roger huerta and hasn't finished anybody in 5 fights straight....awsome

exactly...I'm guessing it's people who just watch the UFC.

^ no way Gray Maynard or Alvarez is ahead of Kenflo or Diego. and lmfao at Aoki

No grip pants and ropes to run through in real mma. Oh and American fighters actually can throw a punch.

1. BJ
2. Diego
3. Ken
4. Maynard
5. Edgar
6. Sherk
7. Hansen
8. Alvarez
9. Griffin
10. Joe Lauzon

hear me out on J Lau

I think he takes all the guys on that 2nd list that aren't above here but maybe Varner. I like Lauzon over Melendez and Thompson.

 LOL At J Lau over Melendez.... (and I like Joe ALOT)

Just dont love the match up. Would still be a fun fight to watch and Im not gonna say I hope he proves me wrong....But I would not cry either!!!!


^ you might be right, Gil might have an advantage wrestling

I just think Jlau matches up well with plenty of guys on that list. Other guys I like at that weight are Jeremy Stephens, Cole Miller, Nate Diaz, Sotiropolous, Stevenson

Stevenson could be there instead of Jlau as well.


I have won this thread, if the only thing trolly mctrollenstein can say about my rankings is he disagree's with #10, I have officially won.


disbeliever - At 155 what has Diego done to be ranked higher than Aoki, or Florian?[/quote

He beat Kenny worse than BJ beat either of them which was about even he broke Ken's will, but not Diego. That counts for something

Asf Diego vs. Ken ala TUF 1, yes it was a long time ago at a different weight but even if Ken has gotten much better while Diego hasn't gotten that much better, Kenny has to actually beat Diego and convincingly so to even begin to claim he is better than Diego.

and lol again at Aoki

\thread again


1. Penn
2. Aoki
3. Hirota
4. Florian
5. Alvarez
6. Maynard
7. Edgar
8. Sanchez
9. Stevenson
10. Masvidal

1- Penn
2- Aoki
3- Florian
4- Alvarez
5- Hansen
6- Melendez
7- Hirota
8- Maynard
9- Edgar
10- Sanchez

Hansen at #5? Come on now.

Ranking Diego higher than Kenny is crazy, but ranking Maynard higher than both of them qualifies you for a mental institution. Kenny is easily higher than both based on performance in the lightweight division.

 Will BANG be on the list when he wins his fight in the next UFC?

I can see the argument for Diego being rankied higher than Kenny. He won the only head to head and has not lost to a common opponent that Kenny has beat. Shouldn't that be the criteria for deciding rankings.


 I would love to see Aoki vs Penn. Probably a boring match but I just want to see who would win.

who have any of the ufc guys really beat? a bunch of other tuf guys?

kind of hard to rank lws

mcpeepants232003 - 
TUFF-N-UFF -  Will BANG be on the list when he wins his fight in the next UFC?

Bang is going to lose his next fight. Here's my rankings.

1. B.J. Penn
2. Shinya Aoki
3. Eddie Alvarez
4. Gray Maynard
5. Gilbert Melendez
6. Frankie Edgar
7. Tatsuya Kawajiri
8. Kenny Florian
9. Tyson Griffin
10. Sean Sherk

I agree Bang will lose his next fight...Beerbohm would be on the list before Bang.

Man this list reminds me of when we used to compare the lhw division before ufc bought pride,look how wrong we were with that.Machida who wasnt even in the discussion ended up being the top dog.Sucks that we cant get more of these top lw's in the ufc

1.B.J. Penn
2.Shinya Aoki
3.Eddie Alvarez
4.Joachim Hansen
5.Tatsuya Kawajiri
6.Gilbert Melendez
7.Gesias "JZ" Cavalcante
8.Katsunori Kikuno
9.Gray Maynard
10.Frankie Edgar
11.Sean Sherk
12.Vitor Ribeiro
13.Diego Sanchez
14.Kenny Florian
15.Roger Huerta
16.Josh Thomson
17.Nate Diaz
18.Tyson Griffin
19.Hermes Franca
20.Evan Dunham
21.Marcus Aurelio
22.Takashi Nakakura
23.Willamy Chiquerim
24.Yusuke Endo
25.Caol Uno
26.Jamie Varner
27.Clay Guida
28.Mitsuhiro Ishida
29.Jim Miller
30.Mizuto Hirota
31.Toby Imada
32.Jorge Masvidal
33.Satoru Kitaoka
34.Kazunori Yokota
35.Eiji Mitsuoka
36.Takonori Gomi
37.Rodrigo Damm
38.Andre "Dida" Amade
39.Luiz Azeredo
40.Luiz "Buscape" Firmino
41.Joe Stevenson
42.Spencer Fisher
43.Gleison Tibau
44.Kurt Pelligrino
45.Josh Neer
46.Matt Wiman
47.Rich Clementi
48.Thiago Tavares
49.Lyle Beerbohm
50.Duane Ludwig
51.Yves Edwards
52.Joe Lauzon
53.Donald Cerrone
54.Benson Henderson
55.Rob McCullough
56.David Baron
57.Terry Etim
58.Sam Stout
59.Nam Phan
60.Mac Danzig
61.Dave Jansen
62.Rich Crunkilton
63.Ross Pearson
64.Aaron Riley
65.Artur Oumakhanov
66.Koutetsu Boku