20-Rep Squat Workout (SquatsNMilk)

Hey all.

Started a 20-rep squat routine last week. Doing a 1x20 squat and adding 5 pounds each workout, 3x a week.

I've been hitting chest, back, etc after each 1x20 squat throughout the week, and making sure I deadlift at least once per week.

Could someone suggest how I should breakdown each week?

For example,

Monday- Squat/chest

Wednesday- Squat/back

Friday- Squat/arms


Once it starts getting heavy, you'll probably have to back off to squatting 2x per week if you want to recover.  God, I remember that stuff, lol, painful shit.  My arms used to go numb from having the bar on my shoulders for so long.  Works, though.

Did i miss the part where he said 2 times a week? Looks like 3 times a week to me, and a DL day. Damn....

My guess is they aren't rest/pause style.


Most of the 20-rep squat programs have you squatting 3x a week. If the consensus is that I should do 2x a week though, I will cut back.

This is why I am asking for advice. What other exercises and when should I be doing. Could someone maybe lay a quick template out?


The only 20 rep squat programs i've seen, including the originals (HIT), have you doing it once a week if that.


If I remember correctly the actual "Super Squats" book mentions doing it 2-3 times a week.

My advice to you is to follow the Super Squats program the way it is written. That means NO DEADLIFTS, and the workout that you do after the 1 x 20 squat set is a very minimal upper body maintenance routine. It is the same full upperbody routine each workout. The bulk of the workout is the single 20 rep squat set (3x week, lower to 2x if needed, 3 deep breaths between each rep, etc.) The stuff afterwards is almost a cooldown it is so minimal.

It is very well known in lifting circles, and an excellent 6 - 8 week shock workout for lifters. It will definitely put on some mass (and will prove to you that you can pile on upper body mass without lifting upper body). Google "Super Squats" (but beware of bad imitations of the program that exist online) or buy the original book (iron mind sells it, I know). I don't think it is practical for MMA unless you are willing to take a 6 - 8 week break from training. True "super squats" requires no other physical activity, plus other gems such as a gallon of milk every day.

Thanks Bill.

My problem is though, all I keep finding is different variations of "super squats" online. Maybe I'll check out Borders or something and see if they have it.

Nick - Randall Strossen's "Super Squats" is $16.95 at iron mind (www.ironmind.com).

I think if you search T-Nation you will find the original program information in one of their articles for free. That would probably be enough info to suffice for you. After all, it isn't a magical combination of exercises or anything. The main problem with a lot of people is trying to do too much upper body work because they don't feel like they are working out. In the beginning you will feel this way. Keep going & keep adding weight. Soon, you will find yourself on the floor wanting to die after your 1 x 20 and you'll understand why you don't do much else beyond that set. It is very tough mentally to push yourself to that bad place. But the chemical dump and subsequent growth (follow the diet!) will astound you.

Was it really 3X/week? Christ.


yeah lol this sounds like some serious overload..just as someone said the HIT program allows once a week... hell i have never squatted in general 3 times a week let alone the 2o reps modification.

if u doing it 3 times a week to hell with deadlift and any other workouts...u are pretty mucch literally hitting all the muscles at once anyway --no need to do bench or rows or whatever.

perhaps u can do

1x20 squat

1x20 deadlifts

once a week each and add weight each week

or if u decide to squat 1x20 just do that 2 times a week only. :)


Back in '99, I did the 20 rep routine and packed on about 10 pounds in a little over 5 weeks. It was insane.

I did it 3x/week and only added weight at the beginning of the week.

Definitely one of the harder training things I've ever done.

The key is to start with a low weight so your legs get used to it as you slowly increase the weight. Yes, it is intense. But yes, it works.

Also, no MMA while doing this. Just this and lots of calories and rest.

I've been doing 20 rep squats the past few weeks, got bored and did a set of 315 for 20 this past saturday.

then I sat on the floor of the gym for about 5 minutes wondering why I did that.

I paid myself back by immediately drinking about 20 beers, screw the milk.

My legs and anus are still making me pay for my sins.

Yea I don't train MMA and have been trying to eat like a horse. I also started with low weight. For the past week It's been a real stuggle falling asleep. Going to the gym at 11 at night probably doesn't help the cause.

Unless you're doing your '10 rep max' with 3+ deep full breaths between each rep, you shouldn't fail on the 11th rep.

It would be hardcore if someone did ass to grass 20 rep squats starting with your bw and moving up every w/o. Never seen that done before. Then you can be truly hardcore.

When i did this program i took a "running start" at the weight. Lets say your 10 rep max is 100lbs for simplicity. Start with say 75lbs...it will give you enough sessions to help get you into the groove and to feel like you are improving.

'no one judges their 1rm by a weight they lift 5 times.'

interesting concept; but really, when Strossen wrote the template and said '10 rep max' I'm pretty sure he meant 10 reps with the standard one cycle of inhalation/exhalation per rep. And if this isn't the case, then what do you figure he meant? Did he not understand that original concept that your referring to?