2004 New York Open

Any one going to be at the NY open next month?

I'd love to watch that shiai! Bad ass.

I am watching

I'll be there to watch.

I'm planning to be there watching.

where are some of the places that you all are staying?

Famliman- you can check www.newyorkopenjudo.com for hotels in the area.

im going. got an unreal ticket price- $192 direct. =)
we have something like 10 guys from state going, maybe more, maybe less.

I'll be watching, too.

clown, now why would i tell you that? you say you are gonna fight, but none of us know who you are... so, what sense would it make for me to give you names when you wish so much to remain in secret?

Josh - Will you SJSU guys be training while in town? I'd like to see that as well.

i dont think we will. the majority of us are flying-in on the 5th or just in time for weigh-ins on the 6th and taking off first thing monday morning.

if you will be in NY friday night, drop by Oishi's dojo. We get a few players who drop by there who end up in the comp. they go out for dinner and drinks after sometimes.
everyone is welcome, btw.

I think i will be there to compete as well :) should be a decent group from my dojo going as well..

but clown, how would you know who you are gonna draw before the weigh-ins? afterall, this is a C-level open event--the draws arent done until after weigh-ins... =)

if you really wanted to get your hands on me you would, im not hard to find by any means-- afterall, i dont hide who i am or where im from like you.

some people might say to be careful of what you wish for, but why put stock in that? afterall, my judo isnt any damn good to begin with.

Good luck to all!

clown, whatever. i really dont give a shit. it isnt as if id give a shit even if i knew who you were.

regardless of how great your judo is, or should i say was, you are still every bit the prick that youve always been.


How far is Oishi's dojo from the NYAC?

FAMLIMAN, you can reach Oishi's from NYAC by taking the N,W,R,Q subway line. The 57 Street stop for this line is across the street from the back of the NYAC building. Take any of these trains downton to the Canal Street stop (Chinatown) - you'll find yourself on Canal and Broadway, walk downtown on Broadway a few blocks to Leonard Street, turn right and Oishi's is halfway down this block, 79 Leonard Street - the school banner hangs from the building, can't miss it.


Got it...thanks