30 days before run

I have around 4 weeks to get better at my .75 mile run. I need help.

I'm training in the opposite direction: powerlifting.

I need a quick program to maximize this short distance.

Any tips? Phone Post 3.0

It would help if we new what your starting point was.... Phone Post 3.0

Basically I need to hit 6:13. I'm probably 40 seconds off right now.

I plan on stripping off 10 pounds and practicing sprinting as well as running. I can hit the first lap in under 2 but and on a great day I'm pretty sure I can hit the 6:13.

I just don't really know how to training for a run. I'm a weight lifter. Phone Post 3.0

Just ran is in 5:23. 10 seconds off with 4 weeks to go. @231 lbs Phone Post 3.0

Edit that. 6:23. Phone Post 3.0

Leigh - 1200m is an aerobic event. Build your aerobic system with steady/slow distance work but also practise the event Phone Post 3.0
Gotcha. Monday I'll do 2 miles Phone Post 3.0

Leigh - 10 seconds off with 4 weeks seems like it's in the bag. Just don't get injured. Good luck :) Phone Post 3.0
VTFU for the positive vibes. Phone Post 3.0

Are you running on a treadmill? Outside? Inside track?

Do you run at a constant pace? Try running .15 miles at your usual pace, then up the pace by 2 mph fir .5 miles. Rinse repeat. Phone Post 3.0

I hate treadmills. Lately I've been running on an indoor track. The test will be outside on a regular track. When the weather breaks I'll train outside. Phone Post 3.0

That post should have said .15 and .05 Phone Post 3.0

Here is another way you could do it.



Ttt for results!

Ran it early. There was a day that was 70 degrees and I was sore from squats. I just said fuck it and did it. Made it with about a millisecond to spare. Good advice and positive vibes on here helped. Next year I want to hit the 18 year old times! Phone Post 3.0