300 Challenge

On Saturday, April 15, 2007, CrossFit Toronto will be holding the "300 Challenge"

See how you measure up against these Spartan warriors and the actors that portrayed them!

Join us on Sunday, April 15, 2007 and put yourself to the test with the 300 Workout.

See here for more details:


Hope to see you out for a fun workout!

CrossFit Toronto

The Sport of Human Performance

The workout.

* 25 Pull-ups
* 50 Deadlifts, 135lbs
* 50 Push-ups
* 50 Box jumps, 24" box
* 50 Floor wipers
* 50 Clean and press, 1 pood Kettlebell
* 25 Pull-ups


I'll attempt this tomorrow - with one variation though - as I don't own any kettleblles I'm, going to leave the bar at 135# and do th clean and press.

Will post the time here when complete.


Baz, if you have them, you can also use dumbbells and preserve most of the same stimulus.

Folks, if you are in the Toronto area, please feel free to come out to our gym to do the challenge.

Hope to see some of you out.

April 15th is my 30th birthday.



1pm - 3pm tomorrow afternoon.