35 year old Red Belt... Seriously???

Anyone else confirm this yet?


Here's his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/clayton.silva.73744801

Can see pictures of him in a Brown belt January 2013, Black Belt 4th degree in Nov 2013 and now Red Belt.

Looks like BJJ to me, awarded to him by Ubiratan Cordeiro?

Any body know anything?

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So the master is an unknown red belt? (Or was not listed on some list of known red belts). Is that possible in today's day and age?

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Can you give me one afterwards?

I guess I don't understand how you could be an unknown Red Belt (Ubiratan Cordeiro). The Community is pretty good about watching these things and with so few (although I thought there would be FAR less Red Belts) around, you would think it would be pretty well documented.

Is it possible to go higher up the Red Belt tree to get someone to Discredit or confirm Ubiratan's claims to Red belt?

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bjjee has an article on it.... Phone Post 3.0

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I am a brown belt guy.

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How is that mathematically possible? After black, isn't it a stripe every three years while actively training? Then at seventh(?) degree you get red blacks. That's over twenty years of being an actively training BB, at the very least.

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