37 what do you think?

sproxjox = awesome perspective!!! especially for someone like me - I'll be hitting my mid-30s very soon, with a few years of haphazard judo training behind me, and all said & done, I'd rather be 35-40 with some years of training under my belt than without.

So jllamas did you stop by?

Hey Ashy I'm hanging in there. Did you leave the forum for awhile and come back recently?



Good to hear that you are good. Yes I left for awhile. Dropped off the face of the earth. Total life collapse. I am not over-stating the matter either. Total! Nothing, it seemed, was left untouched. Well, except for my faith. Ah well...I needed the humbling anyway.


I left work, Corrections: which was killing me anyway, and travelled all over the place. After I visited the Middle East and Europe last year, I just kept going. I only recently started settling down again. I took a whole year off.

As God works in strange ways, I have fallen ass backwards into a new career. I'll be starting in a few weeks. Wish me luck.

I certainly do hope that you are well. Write back and let me know. If you have anything to vent. Great! I'll listen.

P.S You still into amatuer radio? I was my section's radio guy back in my military days. HF, VHF, Morse, the whole thing.

Take care man



Glad you're doing better! What career are you doing?

I got out of the hobby when I moved from home in my 20's but kept my license current. 4 years ago out of boredom I got back in the radio hobby. (Once a geek always a geek).

BTW they just dropped the morse code requirement a few weeks ago. Get your license and we cand send secret code signals about judo back and forth lol!



static Glenn, this is Mike: JUDO IS AWESOME! static OVER!

static Mike, this is Glenn: ROGER, AFFIRMATIVE! static OVER!

What do you have, and what range. Incidently, my MC speed peaked at 25 wpm. Now.....1.

Sorry, I missed the reply.

static Mike, this is Glenn: SEIONAGE IS TOPS! static OVER!


static Mike, this is Glenn: YES, I BELIEVE IT CAN! static OUT!

Mike, we used to have to write out our msgs in the military. That was a silly walk down memory lane for me, and may be the clearest indication yet, of a lingering untreated psychosis. lol

btw - Nuclear Security and Safety.

I was up to about 18 to 20 a minute. Hey I can coach you in shiah and your opponent won't know what techniques I'm suggesting and no one will know the heck I'm doing - but they might think I have mental problems and throw me out!

So jllamas you going to Cahill's or what?

He must have gone to Cahill's and broken his neck or something. I guess maybe he was too old.

I'm in a similar situation. I'm 33 and I want to start Judo soon as well. I'm in really good shape, but I'm also scared of getting injured(duh). The encouragement in this thread has been really great, so thanks.

CK.. where in Cali are you?

Sorry to take so long to reply.

I'm in Lancaster, which is about 60 miles northeast of Los Angeles. There's only one Judo school in my town, and two BJJ places.

I have law enforcement aspirations and I want to take something which will be useful as a cop in a hairy situation. I figured Judo has the best all-around skill set for taking people down and controlling them on the ground.

I gotta say, Josh. I read your stories of taking Judo at those Japanese colleges and I was riveted. This was after reading on another board that Judo in Japan wasn't that great. I now figure they were trolling/being sarcastic and I just didn't get it.

After I read your stuff, I did some looking online and I found very similar stories about how the Japanese students would do their best to injure the foreigners.

That stuff and how the Japanese take Judo seriously from early childhood made me realize that I can only get so far with my present age and the one school I have available to me. But hey, do I care if I win an Olympic Gold medal? Fuck no, I just wanna be able to take down a man larger than me with some cool...

(runs to JudoInfo.com...)

Tai Otoshi!

But I figure I'll have to get good with throws that can be done without relying on grabbing/holding the gi, because lots of drunk or violent idiots end up without a shirt.

CK... there are only one or two throws that would be impossible to do without a gi. what is more important is to learn whatever throws you like and feel most natural to you. if you dont like what you are doing and/or it doesnt feel natural then you will not get any good at doing them.

Okay, great. I'll totally remember that.

How badly is my almost-34-yr-old ass going to get smashed in the first few weeks of class? Assuming that I train with respectful partners who don't want to hurt me, and that I'm coming in with no ego. I'll listen carefully and learn whatever they teach. Also, I'm in pretty good shape from weights/cardio 5 days a week.

I have this feeling I'm just gonna get wrecked.

you wont get wrecked. who in their right mind is going to prove that they
are good by beating up on a 34 year old white belt???


I would say at 37 you realistically have to be honest with yourself to what you can and can't do. Life has a strange way of sneaking up on you and you start to realize "hey I don't recover as fast as the younger guys" anymore. Or it can be you notice your knees, back and joints get worn out faster. People are always saying "you're as young as you feel" I hate hearing that. Those people don't do Judo or contact sports on a regular basis. I realize that there are exceptions though We have a guy in my club who is in mid-forties and is a great athlete and gives the younger guys a run for their money. It is a matter of training smarter and listening to what your body says.

do what i do:

  1. purchase a sleep number bed, set it at 35.
  2. go to judo and enjoy the brutality of it all.
  3. just remember that you don't ever want to reach for the ground, it will eventually hit you no matter what you do.
  4. drink gentleman's jack daniels with a non-caffinated coke every night after you get home, shower, and put on your pajamas.