6am BJJ class in El Segundo!

Starting next week, I'll be teaching Monday through Friday at 6am at the VMAT training center in El Segundo, CA.

This is a great chance to get a good workout in before work, which also frees up your evening for family or Dancing with the Stars.

Seriously though, I promise a really positive environment with plenty of drills, rolling, and technical instruction. Start your day off right with some challenging training.

Classes are 5 times a week. Please contact me for more information: andrehanderson@hotmail.com

DAMN! 6am! You must be going to sleep early in the evening!

LOL...Im going to have to work on that part of it, Mike. lol

wrestle 6 am, ouch! lol

Good luck Andreh!

(I sure hope my 3:30am class at Curves to will be just as popular! crosses fingers).


I'll be in El Segundo for work in late April and will try to stop by.

That would be great, BubbaRay.

shen, where have you been, man? Havent seen you at Vladdys?

I just got back from NJ, where I was for a week AND where I picked up the flu.

I'll be there on Saturday.

does he have a schedule up for the gym esp. on weekends?

I left my wallet in El Segundo...

I will definately check it out....do you have a clothing optional class? I want to grapple in my jockstrap.

I wish everywhere had 6 am classes

I left my guitar in El Segundo


holy shit 6 AM! I thought the 7 AM sessions with my judo coach Steven Alphabet and later Rillion Gracie were early!

how long is the class for? Is there a straight training class ever?


The class runs until 7:15am. We will use drills to warm up, so there wont be any random warmup to kill time.

"Is there a straight training class ever?"

I wasnt sure what you meant by that (I thought it was a matbattle.com reference), but there will be plenty of sparring. At least once a week the class will be almost entirely sparring, but its not a set day.

I know what I will be doing next week at 6 AM then :p

Cali is truly the mecca for BJJ, a 6am class 5x a week is nice! (rocks back in forth in chair trying to figure out a way to turn Michigan into a BJJ mecca)....LOL!

Best of luck to ya Andre if I lived in CA I would attend that class.


Not sure. If I do, it will be several months from now. You better visit my class, man.

Thanks, BJJMichigan!