A boxing fan doesn't like MMA

I found this on a boxing forum. I thought that I'd share his well thought out argument. Yes, the last sentence is sarcasm.



"Just Watched Lidell-Couttoure: GARBAGE!

Over the past two years, I have been hearing from a number of sources how the ufc holds such great events and how the combatants who compete are such great athletes. Let me just say that I found the third Lidell VS Couttoure III replay on Spike to be unimpressive.

As I watched Randy Couttoure fall lifelessly to the octagon floor after what appeared to be a weak punch in Boxing's standards at the hands of an unathletic looking Chuck Lidell, I was reminded of how powerful Antonio Tarver's left hand looked as it dusted off Roy Jones Jr. in 2004 in what I refer to as the REAL LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. It looked like Lidell barely hit Couttoure despite the fact that Randy hit the canvass as if he was hit by a truck. However, it was only a bitch slap at the hands of a skinhead lookalike posuer named Chuck Lidell. The punch, just as most offensive blows in the ufc, was weak and had nowhere near the power and capacity of the blow that landed on RJJ's chin back in May of 2004. Had Tarver landed the shot to Couttoure's face that he landed on RJJ, Couttoure would have been taken out by the paramedics if he was even still alive. If Tarver didn't have Boxing gloves laced up and put on the ufc style gloves instead, he would have surely decapitated him.

If the main event was unimpressive, the Middlweight fight between Swick, or Swift, or whatever was even worse. Both guys looked as if they have been spending more time over the past few months rehearsing Justin Timberlake songs for the next American Idol audition than preparing for a fight. Neither one looked athletic and neither of them were able to bring any action to the bout in which they particpated in. They looked like two gay school boys hugging each other after a swim meet. To think that there are ignorant, low class, trailer trash people out there who actually refer to these guys as elite Middleweight fighters is a travesty to the man that is the TRUE MIDDLEWIEGHT CHAMPION. Mr Jermain Taylor, I apologize if you ever had to listen to ignorant people refer to these lame asses as Middleweight fighters. You are the real deal.

When it comes down to it, ufc is a fad for ADD kids and rdnecks with homosexual tendencies. mma in general is already splitting apart and there are already other versions of it coming to Showtime which means that the lack of unity within the mma community will ultimately lead to its downfall. It will be a thing of the past in no time. As for Dana White, I always knew that he was just another piece of white trash trying to make a buck by getting his DVD's sold at Walmart. Well Congratulations Mr White, or shall I say Mr. White Trash. Your Ultimate Fudgepacking Competition dvd's are getting sold at Walmart. In fact, they are on sale at a Walmart near you right next to the wwf wrestling collection. I guess you achieved your goal of giving the trailer park fan club another form of entertainment to enjoy. Not me, I am a true Boxing fan. However, if you can find a way to persuade some quality trim such as Jessica Simpson and Angelina Jolie to roll around an octagon fondling one another the way that ufc particpants do, then I will watch. Otherwise, keep your lame ass redneck entertainment for yourself and stop talking shit about Boxing.


Hilarious how he describes UFC fans as trailer trash in an article full of insults. He also seems to have a bit of a fixation on how 'Athletic' fighters look, hmmmm???

It's very easy to pick your favorite moments in either sport, compare them with your least favorite and make yours look better.

If that's the quality of boxing journalists, I wonder where it puts the fans.


"If that's the quality of boxing journalists, I wonder where it puts the fans."

That was a post from the "Eastside Boxing Forum" not their main page. It was written by a fan.

who cares? did it hurt your feelings? You went on a boxing forum and found a boxing fan who didn't like MMA? God forbid. I mean, you NEVER see a thread on here that disses boxing, right?

Well, frankly, watching Couture-Liddel as a boxing fan would make you shake your head, viewing a third-tier boxer in Liddel decisively beating the forty-something Couture. Doesn't surprise me at all.

This post was just done last week...Probably the same dude writing the shit. Dude sounds a lil sensitive to me.

maybe he got beat up by a wrestler in school or something...

Well, I have always said that ranting and raving like this is the last desperate shot of a defeated opponent. Same garbage you see happen at sporting events like football when the game is coming to an end and one team begins to realize they have been beaten and has no hope of coming back. Thats when the real trash talking starts and when the fights break out. Clearly, boxing fans sense the huge decline in the popularity of their favorite sport and the increase in the interest of MMA. They wiil never understand what true MMA is and what it really means to be an MMA athelete. And trying to compare boxing to MMA is apples and oranges. Two different sports, that share some characteristics, but on the whole are not nearly the same.

Thunderliger, did you respond to the boxing thread?

"why don't they get antonio tarver to fight any top 25 185lber in mma? Should be easier than a sparring session right?"

Tarver v Lister...Dana make it happen!

Actually there was some talk about Couture wanting to fight James Toney, wasn't there? Personally I would love to see Randy stuff him in the corner of the cage.

low singles though... low singles.

interesting ...

"who cares? did it hurt your feelings? You went on a boxing forum and found a boxing fan who didn't like MMA? God forbid. I mean, you NEVER see a thread on here that disses boxing, right? "

exactly.... I have YET to see a MMA event...PRIDE, UFC or otherwise that matched the sheer energy, excitement and "big fight atmosphere" that I felt at the 1st Tyson vs Holyfield fight.


Yeah, but that fight had CRAZY energy... That fight may be the best fight I've ever seen. Holyfield ran a clinic.

See, there's a problem when you coddle your golden boy (i.e. Liddel). Zuffa keeps feeding him grapplers who can't strike, and Liddel keeps knockin' them down.

Boxing fans look at Chuck and think, "and these mma fans want me to take this sport seriously when THIS GUY is the champ? Any decent boxer would eat him for lunch."

Some of you MMA fans are such maudlin fools.

"oh, the dying of the light..."

A market correction is taking place - nothing more, nothing less. Nothing's going to die.

In fact, MMA is the best thing that could have ever happened to boxing. With some of the fans leaving for MMA, it will force boxing promotors to put together quality fights and, perhaps, be the catalyst to abolishing the alphabet soup organizations.

Competition makes the competitor stronger.

People will get saturated with MMA in a year or two, and it will take its place as another sporting event.

"That was a post from the "Eastside Boxing Forum" not their main page. It was written by a fan. "

OK, then ....

What makes a guy who fills a post with profanities and insults any better than the trailer park trash that he says UFC fans are?


tedfornes is absolutely right. Let's light our torches and storm the streets, bash down his house and burn the bastard for having the NERVE to see Chuck Liddel as anything but a striking Terror.

Antonio Tarver would get eaten for lunch by his precision strikes, as would any other so-called boxer.

Who's lynching him?

MMA practitioners are (generally) in better shape than boxers. Id love to see Tarver try to face a guy in MMA or even kickboxing.

That guy was the epitome of ignorant. He's obviously bitter because MMA is becoming more popular than boxing.

Are you questioning his bias, bsrizpac? How rude...

I'm as big a boxing fan as anybody on here but the guy who wrote that was clearly an insecure douchebag talking out of his ass.


Isn't it amazing how new religions begin?

MMA/Boxing camps have become the new Democrat/Republican tribal stone-throwers.