A step back in time...

I was doing some cleaning of my study when I came across some old paper work... My contract and information for Caged Combat 2... Thought everyone might find it interesting... This was the initial drawer of fighters:CAGED COMBAT II
"The Rumble on the Reef"Proposed Drawing pending return of contracts. Fighters are not listed in the order of competing.Main Draw
Australia - Elvis Sinosic
Australia - Larry Papadopolous
New Zealand - Peter Williamson
US - Paul Varelans
Russia - Igor Zinoviev
Serbia - Ivan Krusic
South Africa - Peter Reeney
Korea - Matsumoto
Under 175lb Superfight
Australia - Alex Cook
US - John Lewis
HW Superfight
Australia - Chris Haseman
Australia - OZ Army P.T.I. InstructerElvisPS. I typed as I read it... spelling mistakes and all, don't blame me for them... :pPPS. I think the PTI Instructor was actually Paul Cale.

Has anyone seen Paul Cale fight? If so how did he go?

Is a PTI Instructor like an ATM Machine ??


I think their the opposite ATM gives you money but i think a PTI instructor takes your money! :)

lol, good one Keats....;) interesting staff Elvis, but did that event ever take place???

whats a step back in time without kylie in hotpants?

No it didn't. The line changed a few times as well. I was scheduled at one point to face Tom Erickson. That would have been fun... ;) Randy Bable (the promoter) pretty much fell through on the deal and then off the face of the earth. I still here people complaining about him...


"Is a PTI Instructor like an ATM Machine ??"

Yes. Just like an ABN Number???



Might be a step back in time , but that card is great . Pity it never went ahead .

Yeah, it would have been a good show.


Elvis do you think you'll ever fight in Aussie soil again?? probably a rematch with Chris Hasseman? that would be kooltwo legend's of Aussie MMA.

That would be an interesting rematch, given that both fighters have gone on to gain truck loads of experience since they fought (how long ago was it ?)

Are Chris and Elvis still in the same weight division and is Chris still fighting ??


Yeah I think I might(bar any major injuries). I've had a few local offers that I'm interested in. We'll see what happens early next year. I might try and tee up a show where both Anthony and I fight so we can prep off each other.


I'd like 2 see Perosh vs Nest at 205!

That would be interesting for sure.


I don't think there is anyone else left in Aus to fight Sam. Would make a statement if Perosh could beat him.

What about Bonello??? Isn't he moving up to Heavyweight? ;)

Keats, "Has anyone seen Paul Cale fight? If so how did he go?"

Yes I have... He fought Dave Frendin about 5 years ago in Lismore (shooto) from memory Dave spanked him in the first round. (I think?)

Paul won the SuperHeavyweight Title on Spartan 1 back in July 01' against a very game Nathan Stahr.

Nathan took the fight on 3 days notice after the original opponent Maynard Marcum was KO'ed a week earlier on RINGS Japan.

Nathan rocked Paul with sharp hands but Paul recovered on the ground and won by verbal submission after some big punches from Mount.

Don't think he's fought MMA since?



Could Anthony Perosh get down to 205 (93kg)? He didn't look like he had much extra weight on him at 99.9! I know Sam would be happy to fight Anthony, or indeed Elvis, for the reasons mentioned earlier - he's running out of top competition in Australia, and really does want to test himself against the best he can. He also only walks around at about 87-88kg, so it would be a big task to take on Anthony, but Sam would definitely be in it.

His latest match up is against Forrest Griffin from KOTC though, and if this isn't a credible opponent, I don't know who is. He sounds like the American Sam Nest! (except Sams first opponent certainly wasn't Dan Severn!!!)