About Lee Murray..

Anyone know what all type of training he's had, and everything he's experienced in?

Also, does anyone know of the legitimacy of him knocking out Tito Ortiz in a street fight?

He never KO'ed him. Just got the best of him.

He has great form and hits like a truck.

Yes Jaydub, Lee Murray, Randy Couture and Vanderlai Silva are all ducking Riggs... either that or none of them have anything to gain by fighting him

Lee doesn't have an amateur or Pro boxing record as he took up boxing for MMA, go to SFUK.net and you'll see an interview with his boxing Coach Terry Coulter by former UK Vale Tudo Champion Dexter Casey


Hasn't Stout already fought in the UFC?

He may not have the greatest record but he has lost to top guys like semenov and Barone and EVERYONE has heard of him. Riggs on the other hand is no one, no one has heard of him who's not from his home town and he hasn't beaten any top guys. I hear he beat the piss out of Steibling but he still managed to lose.

I'm sure Riggs is a great fighter, but he won't advance Lee's career a bit



I keep hearing people say that this Riggs guy didn't beat any top names and is using Lee Murray to make a name for himself and who has he fought to deserve Lee Murray, blah, blah, blah. But seriously who is Lee Murray? Didn't he use Tito to get in the ufc? who the hell ever heard of him before that? Who did he beat to deserve to get into the ufc? I am not from Arizona and I have heard of Riggs, the only thing I ever knew about Murray was that Tito incident. Never heard of him before that. So the guy has one fight in the ufc and now he's the champ so Riggs has to work his way up to fight him? That is just stupid.

lee murray is reportedly good enough to win a title in pro boxing in 18month,according to his boxing coach whos trained some top pros in the uk.i for 1 cant wait tosee him ktfo of fat joe riggs,if that fight happens,and to shut you yankee doodle panzys up who keep shitting on about joe"i ate all the pies" riggs!!!!!!!!

pro boxong title in 18 months? Against guys that have boxed their whole life? Im seriously doubting that.

I am hoping Murray - Baroni comes to fruition. The smack talk leading up to this fight would be incredible.

DHeath, these guys may have boxed their whole lives but Lee has fought his whole life.

Where he's from his KO power is legendary, he was born a fighter and I believe Terry when he says he could be a champ'


lees boxing coach is a top coach in the uk,he wouldnt say it if he didnt think it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know he tapped out to Joe Doerkson in his only loss.

"EVERYONE has heard of him."

LMAO @ "everyone" hearing of the world famous Curtis Stout.

"lees boxing coach is a top coach in the uk"

Look, that's really not saying much.

"LMAO @ "everyone" hearing of the world famous Curtis Stout."


Even if you only watch UFC, you should have still heard of him.

Funkywb is correct

ttt for lightning lee murray!

I hear lee is ducking a few people. they have offered him a number of fighters before he finally accepted the fight with stout.

"lees boxing coach is a top coach in the uk"

"Look, that's really not saying much."

Isn't it? You know that some excellent boxers have come out of the UK, right?