Abs Diet?

So, I picked up a Men's Health a while back and there was an excerpt from a book call the Abs Diet. I read the article and was quite intrigued so eventually I bought the book. Does anyone have any feedback on this nutrional plan? The web-site is www.absdiet.com

It seems pretty good to me. A good balance of different food groups and the book talks about loosing 1-2 lbs per week. Which after lurking in this forum for a while is a healthy average.

What do you think?

It worked for me.I lost about 8 pounds in a month.I look alot leaner too.

amount of wt loss per week no way to put a number on that depends on many factors

coach hale

MTG hit it on the head.

Don't forget to do activities that you like to do.  You would be more inclined to do the activity longer and more often.  Just don't burn yourself out.

Decrease sugars and excess salt.

 A healthy meal:

chicken, brown rice, mixed veggies.

So my Moms Tuna Casserole was good for me?