ADCC Picks

My picks for this weekend's big comp;

Under 66kg - Alex

Under 77kg - Murray/George/Rodney (stacked division)

Under 88kg - The King

Under 99kg - The Hippo

Over 99kg - Soa

Don't know enough about the girls to make an informed tip, but looking forward to seeing them in action none the less.

Go the SPMA boys!


My picks

Under 66kg - Alex

Under 77kg - Benj (stacked division)

Under 88kg - The King

Under 99kg - The Hippo

Over 99kg - BigD

Is it really a pick when you name 3 possible winners ?
More of a boxed trifecta...



I'll go with the top picks except I'll go out on a limb as I don't have much luck with box trifectas and go for George.

Also might help if we knew who was competing, I usally find this the best way to try to pick the winners ;)

My picks
Under 66kg - Derksen

Under 77kg - Murray

Under 88kg - Me.....pfft who the fuck is this "King" everyone is speaking of anyway

Under 99kg - Perosh

Over 99kg - Soa

In the under 99kg division I think the hippo will have a good match with Steve Oliver. Good luck Steve and all the Gracie-Barra boys.

Brad Morris

who is in the over 99kgs class?

my moneys on the big ass boys from SPMA ...elvis and AP to win thier divisions.

not too sure about the other weight classes, but the rest of benj's picks coming thru would be cool yup yup.

i would put some picks up but i do not know who has actually entered. will be interesting to see who is at the weigh in tomorrow night.

Yeah it will be interesting to see who is competing on the day.  Should be a great event.


Good to see Elvis in the lighter weights. Much of a cut? You looked about 100 at XFC6.


Someone has to know who is competing as didn't entries have to be in last week???

Apparently Soa isn't competing so I'll change my bet to BigD as well.

Under 77kg has loads of talent with BenJ and Luke Pezzuti to add to my above trifecta.

Shame I can't compete myself :( Will be there to cheer on regardless!


-Is Chris Brown competing this Saturday or has he received an invitation for this year's ADCC?

-Interesting to see Elvis down to 88Kg. Is Travers Grubb competing?

-BenJ, excuse my ignorance, who are you?

My picks:

under 66Kg - Chris Derksen

under 77Kg - George Sotiropoulos (Probably Vs Rodney in the final), this will be the most exciting division.

under 88Kg - Elvis (Probably Vs Travers Grubb in the final)

under 99Kg - Anthony Perosh

over 99Kg - depends who's in it ...

absolute - George Sotiropoulos

What about the women's divisions? Who's in it? My pick on the lightweights is Carmen Jancke.

Kakoda's tips:

Soa and Cris Brown both not competing (fact)

Under 66kg - dunno (going out on a limb there!!)

Under 77kg - George or Rodney

Under 88kg - Travers is not competing - I tip Mr Papadopoulos (unless he's in under 99kg)

Under 99kg - Perosh (Larry if he fights at this weight)

Over 99kg - Brendon Merritt. Who's Big D?


I actually think Denis has the potential to give Soa headaches adcc rules.

Is luke competing for sure? Buggered if I'd let my main eventer compete this close.


Womens- Mandy Stewart. I'm sure everyone will be
impressed with her grappling. Best of luck to
everyone taking part.

"-BenJ, excuse my ignorance, who are you? "

Im just a random entry, dont look into it to much =)

Good Luck to Dave Frendin, Under 99Kg.

"Good to see Elvis in the lighter weights. Much of a cut? You looked about 100 at XFC6."

You're pretty much spot on.  It's been a long and arduous journey, but I'm there.