Adding Resistance to Ab Work?

OK, I know the easiest way is to hold a plate on your chest. My problem with this is I have a really short torso and feel that this interferes with my movement. The gym I have access to hear on campus does not have any type of ab machine per se. Is it possible to use the lat/pull down machine to do a seated crunch with weight? Any suggestions to add resistance would be appreciated.

You can do pulldown abs on a latpull.. attach a tricep rope, hold it behind your head and go. Or you can do them kneeling on the cable crossover station..

Or you can hold the plates behind your head, or if plates are too big for your chest, use DBs.. You can also hold a barbell across your chest.

If your gym has the small solid barbells (not plate loaded) you can use those. I do mine with a 45 held vertically on my forehead, hehe.

Behind head is tougher.

If they don't have small plates use a DB.


thanks guys, much appreciated