Advice for thailand trip...

alright, i'm finally going to hop on a plane and go train over in thailand. Probably won't happen until may since my schedule is very hectic right now.

I want the perfect combination of:

Training, and girls.

I've been to bangkok and pattaya before, but didn't get time to train. Anywhere that is foreigner friendly that has good nightlife and beaches and is relatively safe? Anyone interested in going? all the guys my age are slobs and their wives beat them up so they can't go down the street to have a beer let alone fly around the world to train and womanize.

so...where should I go, stay at, etc etc.

OH...and one more thing...what kind of volume of training should I be doing at home before I go. Obviously I want to be in peak condition before my trip....

thanks in advancE!

The Adonis

Okay, I would say Phuket or Koh Samui would be your best choice. They have great beaches, nightlife, and women everywhere (Thai & European). Phuket is more expensive.

You should run at least 3 miles a day and be able to do 5 rounds on the Thai pads (5X3). If you can run and then do the pads at a high intensity you will be able to get a lot out of your trip. Remember that training is twice a day & six days a week: this can quickly lead to overtraining if you are not in shape.

If you go to a good camp do not expect to be able to train after a night of partying or be taken seriously. Those who always show up for training, and especially those fighting, will get the best training.

Check out the various reviews of camps at Click on the camps section and then narrow it down to the locations above. There are many good camps in Thailand, so you will likely get good training at any of them. Stay away from those camps that have no Thais fighting for the camp, and just cater to tourists.



thanks man! I heard koh samui is too touristy now. True?

I was in pattaya before and all i really remember is the go go bars, fake muay thai, and all the fat ass germans getting bj's at night on those benches on the strip, lol.

I want a good school to train at. I'm not too far off right now from those requirements you listed. i'm thinking june...

I guess i'm going alone, I can't find anyone serious enough to go, or that has the freedom I have. I will be buying a ticket in the next week or so.

any other thoughts?

Thanks in advance

The Adonis

Sityodtong in Pattaya. ISS is a great gym too.

As far as training--the best thing I can tell you to simply train MT as much as possible. Lots of pad work, clinching, etc.

Running will be a good idea too. Preferably outside, since you want to be acclimated to the climate.

If possible train outside too. And as weird as it sounds, spend some time barefoot to toughen up your dogs. I saw a lot of farang fighters tear the shit out of their feet on the concrete floors most camps have.

Koh Samui is a tourist destination, you will not get really top-notch instruction there. Pattaya is really the best choic IMO and you don't have to live in the city. There is a kick ass boarding house near Sityodtong called the Berlin Haus, run by a German expat named Peter and his Thai wife, Roma. Nice bungalows, A/C, and Roma will cook kick-ass food and take care of your washing for a little extra $$$.

Also, bring gifts for the camp--gloves, small size shorts, and maybe some Levi's and such for the trainers. Even old gloves and stuff from your gym are OK as long as they are clean and usable. Thai guys also love the whiskey and Johnny Walker Red or Black seems to be the favorite. Kind of a status drink.

cool advice and website

"I heard koh samui is too touristy now. True?"

Yes, it is touristy but you still get good training. I agree with Wizzle that Sityodtong is likely better than any camp on Koh Samui, but you will still get better training than is to be had just about anywhere in the US. (Personally, I just don't care for the sleazy environment in Pattaya -e.g. child prostitution-, but if you can deal with that then Pattaya is a good choice.)

I second the notion of toughening up your feet, and also recommend that you immediately clean & treat any open sores you develop on your feet. I know it sounds intuitive, but it is easy to get a nasty infection over there. Bring a pair of light sneakers (e.g. Nike free) to skip rope in or wear if your feet are torn up. Oh, stay away from the street vendors: stick to restaurants (they are cheap enough) unless you want to spend a few days on the toilet instead of in the gym.

"I want the perfect combination of:

Training, and girls."

she'll kick your fucking ass too.


Isnt that LadyBoy? I see the Adamsapple.

"Personally, I just don't care for the sleazy environment in Pattaya -e.g. child prostitution-, but if you can deal with that then Pattaya is a good choice."

Bullshit. I was there for six weeks and didn't see anything like that. The Thai government started cracking down on that shit years ago. I'm sure it exists there (like it does almost anywhere) but it's not something you're going to stumble across IMO.

I can understand you not liking the sleaze of Pattaya ---I'm not a big fan either. The camp is also well away from the city and not all of Pattaya/Jomtien is like the area down by the beer bars.

Have you ever spent any significant amount of time in Pattaya? From what I hear there is just as much prostitution in Koh Samui as anywhere else in Thailand.

now we are on track! tell me more about the prostitutes!

No need to get defensive, WT. No, I've never been to Pattaya, and that's simply what I've heard and I feely admit my ignorance. Yes, there is prostitution on Koh Samui; I saw a western man with a very young made up girl on a scooter and I was pretty upset about it, as I find no other thing more repulsive than that. I'm glad that the government has cleaned up this aspect of Pattaya, and perhaps it's time to check out some of the camps there.

"From what I hear there is just as much prostitution in Koh Samui as anywhere else in Thailand."

I guess this it's easy to form opinions based on reputation. :)

mai pen rai, Hoffa

I think it is a well established fact, based on the recent experiences of forum member NOT including myself, that there is plenty of prostitution in Thailand. and anyone who has lived in pretty much any big city knows that when they chase it off the streets it doesn't go away. it just goes out of site. as long as there are people who make a sport out of the sex trade, there will be prostitution in Thailand and elsewhere. and just my opinion; I think it's fucking sad that anyone would encourage in any way shape or form, jokingly or serious, an industry that clearly preys on children, is just plain fucked up.

I want the perfect combination of:

Training, and girls.

2 seperate vacations

Well Thailand is all about the training for me, seeing as I'm marreid... unless I'm very careful, j/k. It is unfortunate that Thailand has this reputation, as it is really a great country with a wonderful people & culture.

I agree BlackMark that prostiution isn't a good thing, but the worlds olderst profession isn't going away anytime soon. Like Germany or Holland I think it should be legal, and therefore better able to regulate, IMHO. Okay, enough of this... my time is better spent doing 200 knees on the bag.

I agree the whole thing is pretty terrible. Last year, I went to a beach in Pattya. I was sickened to see all these old men from America and Eurpope getting very flirty and physcal with young underage thai children, both girls and boys.

I honestly don't have a problem with prostitution when a grown woman makes that decision for herself. who am I to judge? but we all know it rarely happens that way. the whole men with children thing gets my blood boiling and prostitution in general in SE Asia is just nothing to joke about IMO.

if someone wants advice about training for a trip to Thailand, they came to the right place. advice about prostitution is a whole other forum.

I'm a Filipino and I've seen rampant child prostitution in places like Subic and Clark - where the US bases formerly existed. Other than that, it's not that common here.

I've heard people express their disgust over many Europeans, Americans and other races from the Western hemisphere for their sexually sickening preferences. While I agree that they are indeed perverts, let's not forget that equally guilty are the locals themselves who condone or even market such distasteful acts.

It goes both ways. Many Westerners are sickos for wanting it, but the local Filipinos in those 2 provinces are even sicker for proliferating it. Both are to blame IMHO.

I have a friend (who will remain nameless) who is the son of a congressman in a nearby province. He dealt with it both ways. The 2 American GIs were clubbed and beaten to an inch of their lives. While the pimps were shot in the head and had their throats slit (a coup de grace). As immoral as it might sound, I think this is the only solution to remedy this problem.

Filipinos are the main users of Filipinas in prostitution. (Women's Education, Development, Productivity and Research Organisation, "Scourge of Child Prostitution," Sol. F. Juvida, InterPress Service, 12 October 1997)

Now that the US is out of the PI, what is Subic like?