Advice please (diet,weight,health)

I am 27 and weigh (currently) abou 185. I don't think that weight is terrible for my height (5' 10") but right now it is because I am sooo out of shape. It is all fat.

My weight has always fluctuated. About 2 years ago I was around 155. I was happy and felt good there.

After divorce my life changed and I had no motivation and I really got out of shape which is where I am now. For some reason now I am always hungry too (really almost always).

I really want to get in shape, lose this fat quick but still in a healthy way.

My diet sucks and is really not routine at all. My sleeping sucks and for a while now I have been working on my house to get it ready to sell and have not exercised.

House just sold (2 days ago) and my body feels / looks like crap. Can anyone suggest anything ?

I want to lose this fat and I don't want to bulk up muscle but would like to be tone.

I know diet is big and mine sucks. I need advice on what to eat and when. Also exercising and a way to ease myself back into it since I am so out of shape.

I do like riding bikes and want to start again soon.

Diet: I dont like red meat...

That's it...

Thanks in advance. All help is appreciated!

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  1. Have small meals throughout the day (4-6).

  2. Cut out all things which have processed fat, processed sugar or processed white starch in them.

  3. Try to eat veggies with every meal.

  4. Try to eat lean protein every meal (chicken, fish, dairy products).

  5. Look into Taku'd intervals

  6. Look into crossfit-style training.

in my opinion, just getting started on something (bike riding) would be the best. adding some exercise could possibly solve a lot of problems such as sleeping better, which in itself could solve many of your problems depending on how little you get.

also seeing improvements in yourself could motivate yourself to eat better and exercise more in a natural way instead of setting out with a big goal that seems really hard to accomplish.

good age to start getting back into shape too, after 30 it's gonna be that much harder to get in shape as opposed to just maintaining. that's just from my experience, good luck.

I posted in your thread on the UG:

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