Aleksandr Karelin vs Rickson Gracie c. 1990

Vale Tudo. Street Fight. To the death.

There are not enough BJJ threads lately. Figured I’d help out.

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Rickson by armbar. 451-0

But really:
Ill take the 280 lb juiced up Russian over the 180 pound juiced up Brazilian


It’s an interesting match.

The most adversity Rickson ever faced was when Rigan slammed him and hurt him, was able to score a bunch of points while Rickson was rocked/had the wind knocked out of him.

Vale Tudo rules? I favour Rickson. It might take him 2 hours and some serious punishment but he’d find his way to the back and RNC him eventually


Didn’t Rickson say Schultz was his toughest roll? If so, imagine what Karelin would do to him


He was 287lbs with sub 10%bf.

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But could Alex do this to Rickson on concrete, or would Rickson’s triangle be too good?


I don’t think Aleks had the mat chops Schultz did.

I’m sure he was above average for a Greco guy, but I don’t think he’d have the same level of control/awareness as a folkstyle guy like Schultz

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  1. I doubt Rickson plays guard

  2. Rickson would hook da leg or do the walk back finish if he did.

Don’t do drugs. He would smash based on pure power alone.


It’s entirely possible.

No certain outcome here. I’d favor Rickson, but wouldn’t be shocked if he lost

Id be shocked if he lasted longer than 3-5 min. Here is what I think:

Karelin clinches him, spikes him on his head and if he isn’t out, he gets punched a few times and its done



But remember that one of these guys fought lots of people, the other one had one worked match where he didn’t move very well

His striking is worse than Rickson’s


Above average…

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Yeah ill still take the dude who is 100 plus pounds and on all the juice ever. Lol

Schultz had Rickson in a craddle for 20 min. Come on lol


Has Karelin ever failed a drug test? You are being presumptuous that Russian Olympic athletes did steroids…

Karelin would win vale tudo!

Rickson would not be able to do anything with his strength. Once he couldn’t out maneuver his strength then Karelins technique would trump Rickson technique.

Plus not to mention karelin picked up the best wrestlers of the world who were ALL 100 lbs heavier than Rickson.

He would have no problem doing that to him.

Plus punching from the ground!

Over rover !


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If they tried that bottle would melt

I didn’t mean above average in Greco…he’s the best ever. I have a ton of respect for Aleks. I just last week asked for approval from the owners of my gym to hang up the poster of him.

I meant on the mats. Greco guys just don’t have the same knowledge of control as folkstyle guys.


Karelin was pretty much a human hydraulic press. Zero explosivity and no submission experience.

Rickson also had a killer instinct, which, in my opinion, Karelin lacked.