Alex out against Gegard

And just confirmed it with the swedish athletic commision- They will not clear Alex to fight due to his cut. So the main event is no go so far Phone Post

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO1111!!!!!!!!! Phone Post

No worry.

Enter The Dragon.

The lion will eat? Phone Post

Damn that fight is the whole reason they sold out!! Phone Post 3.0

fuck that blows,i hope they get a replacement

Damn I was ready for the Gegard train to be over. Now he will get an easy fight and people will ask for a title shot Phone Post

Rematch with Jardine? He could pass for Swedish. Phone Post


zazen br - No worry.

Enter The Dragon.

why the hell would machida fight when he's already next in line?

Jimi Manuwa!!! Phone Post 3.0

Fucking hell! What are they going to do now? Call Belfort? This sucks so fuckin hard.. Phone Post

Vera is Swedish too? Cool. Phone Post

rMar89 - The lion will eat? Phone Post

Probably this. Phone Post


Vitor "TRT Belfort is ready Phone Post 3.0

Fuuuuuuuuuu Phone Post 3.0

It is April 1st in some countries....

liamthomas - Jimi Manuwa!!! Phone Post 3.0

I hope you're right Phone Post

Rematch with the Dean of Mean!