All Diaz fights should be 7 rounds

Fuck 3 or 5 rounds. Make them 7


Until there is a finish.


Nate is a zombie, make it 15 rounds, he would finish anybody, any weight class. Crazy fight tonight!


I love the Diaz brothers because they rarely ever get finished. And in an actual fight that’s what really matters. If fights were unlimited time both Diaz brothers would be champions in their divisions. Everyone else would gas or get caught. They’re truly energy efficient.


Fuck yeh i wish there were a few more there. Leon won the rounds but nate won the fight.


Aye? when you had a fight as a kid, who was declared the winner, the one without a mark on his face or the the one who looked with an extra from the Walking Dead?

Nate was busted up in a couple of places & leaking badly,and Edwards was dazed and recovered quickly.

the one closest to the finish at end time


Nah, to the death, or until someone dies…

The day of, it was the one who was winning in the end. The next day damage had a lot more weight. I made that up, but it could easily be true.


Man the Diaz brothers are awesome, they would totally dominate everyone if the sport was entirely different. Like, if the fights were scheduled to be 30 rounds and you weren’t allowed to wrestle, kick, or use footwork, and everyone was required to smoke weed before every round, also you’re forced to put up your middle finger at least 3 times per fight. THEN THEY WOULD BE THE CHAMPIONS FOREVER!!!

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nate punched himself in the face with 1:09 on the clock in r1
someone gif it!


Zombie fighters are prone to brain damage. Diaz ain’t winning a belt ever and isn’t top level anymore. Wise thing for brain health would be to retire but glory and money are factors that I can’t judge them on. Somehow their style no longer interests me.

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Diaz was completely dominated for 24 minutes yet again remained a top superstar with this ending. I sooooo wanted him to win I was just screaming ha ha. Both guys’ stock went up. Amazing.

I don’t get why a complete, super skilled, fight IQ guy like Edwards is just so… boring. Weird. He’s got it all to be champ yet he barely draws. As a MMA fan, I sure like to see him fight but I don’t think he’ll ever win the casuals.


You answered your own question. He’s got no personality outside the ring, and no fire inside of it. What is there for a casual fan to gravitate to? What exactly would you say to a normal person to sell them on going out of their way to see a Leon Edwards fight?

“You’ve got to see this guy, and here’s why: He’s a pretty good fighter. Like he throws punches and kicks and sometimes lands some of them.”

How compelling. Try to avoid getting trampled on the way to the ticket booth.

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Fedor was not exactly Mr Controversy outside the ring… yet had that ‘it’ factor still. Some guys just don’t have it I guess

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Aside from the final minute I thought Edwards looked great. I wish he’d gotten through unscathed but was shocked Nate wasn’t able to capitalize on an opponent who was out on his feet with no balance for about a full minute. If Nate had gone after him instead of posturing and showboatinng during his best moment of the bout he mighta won.

To be fair I could blow on nates eye and it would gash open and pour blood. Dudes skin is tissue paper at this point.

How about require both fighters to do a triathlon right before the fight? If you want an durance match, this seems like a better option