ALLIANCE - Muay Thai Seminar

ALLIANCE - Martial Arts & Self Defense


Muay Thai Clinic and Training Seminar

Saturday September 2nd, 2006 12:00pm-3:00pm
AMS WEST: 2905-A 43rd avenue Vernon, BC 1-877-666-AMS1

Our Guests: Sylvie Charbonneau_ -2005 IKF North-American Title Holder, -2006 IFMA Gold Medal, -Currently Ranked #9 in the world, -Trained by Trevor Smandich

Francois Duval_ -15 years MA experience, -Trained at Kaewsumrit & Legacy Gym in Thailand, -Trained by Dabphicia

The clinic will cover all aspects of Muay Thai training methods, conditioning drills, pad holding and Muay Thai for MMA. We are very pleased to have Mr.Duval training with us for our upcoming fights at the BUDO- Reality Fight Series on Saturday September 9th in Calgary, AB. Fighting on the card will be myself and the "Spider" Kyle Ayotte.

Cost for the Seminar is $0 dollars and all are welcome. We have 20 Thai bags and plenty of gear, a 5000 SQFT facility with women's and men's change rooms & showers.


Jason St-Louis (AMS West)

Are you part of team Jacare now?

I asked the same thing on another thread !!!!

Jacare has been using ALLIANCE since 1982 I believe.

oops sorry...what was the answer wiley?

Reply wasn't from sumo_samurai it was from Jonathon (MTG) and it was as such:


To the best of my knowledge there is no connection between the groups. Jay has been using the Alliance name for a long time now and is a Behring Team member. I don't know of a link between Behring and Jacare but I could be wrong."

ALLIANCE under Romero "Jacare" Cavalcanti has been around a very long time. Their actual club names are extremly similiar as well. Copyright/Trademark stuff, I assume.


Francois is very good at getting your standup to apply to MMA as well.


I am not affiliated with Jacare, Alliance comes from my fight promotion AFC (alliance fighiting championships, by the way, Thursday August 31st the AFC was approved for sanctioning and will host a show here in Vernon. the date and location were also set but I will mention that at a later date.)and so I have AMS West (alliance martial arts & self defense)

Francois is killing us with drills and conditioning, I would recomend for any club to have him come out to help you train and give life to the environment. he and Sylvie and great to watch, they both go hard.

Again, I invite everyone to come and hang out for the afternoon. I mean everyone, Vernon, Okanagan and surounding areas.

Chad speaks the truth....both Francois and Sylvie know their stuff when it comes to MT. Excellent opportunity for anyone that is able to attend.

I would like to thank all the people who showed up for the seminar, and for Francois and Sylvie for taking us through it.

We covered technique, drills, conditioning and applications. Maybe I'm biased but that was one of the best seminars I have attended, all that we worked on was explained in a way so that when we applied them in our drills, you could apply them with the right timing and accuracy for the situation.

Anyhow, thanks again!


Myself and a friend attended this one as well.

Francois and Sylvie ran an excellent seminar which included very detailed information about the techniques they showed which I'll be able to put into practice right away so that I can fine tune my stand up and clinch game.

It wasn't about money, it was about sharing knowledge and I appreciated that.

Thanks Jason for putting this on and allowing us to attend, also thanks Francois and Sylvie for the excellent instruction.

All the best in Thailand!


this thing was free?

Pablos: It was.

Tsyoshi Kosaka uses the name Alliance as well

Its only appropriate he "steal" a name he can,t come up with anything on his own. He works for you then tries to steal your business thats his con He did it in Saskatoon and hes doing it in Vernon so its only fitting he not come up with an original name . Next he'll announce a new fight card called "fight and shut-up" or something lol.

Wiley and Kwazanator,

Alliance has nothing to do with any other affiliation.

Alliance Martial Arts was formed in 1996 in Ontario, I opened my very first Academy called Alliance Martial Arts & Self Defense. I had no idea about fighting MMA nor did I know what or who all these affiliates are. I never even competed in a MMA match or anything, I had a traditional martial arts school.

The AFC (Alliance Fighting Championships) was formed in 2003 When I lived in Red Deer, Uncle and I wanted to start a fight promotion so we kept the name.

This all happened prior to my ever moving to saskatoon or any other place. Mr.Lockhert and I have our own thing going on of course, and anyone who has ever attended one of his events may have their own opinion about that individual, good or bad. I have been asked by my lawyer not to comment about him or our situation, so that is all I will say.

what you read on forums arent always as they seem, as we can clearly see, daily. That is where our little friend is getting his "so called" informatin from, a website. I also recall someone asking politely..."please don't hijack my thread" I see we practice what we preach. You want people to take you seriously yet all you do is repeat yourself and today, we can clearly see how your words and actions have worked againts you...:) have a nice day!

My attitude changed when you told your bullshit tale about my Instr and fighters , so fuck you you conman shitbag! You could have apolagized and then deleted the thread but you didnt. You sack of shit conman!!!

Doing the same con in Vernon you did in Saskatoon.

Again, your words are your own, you are making assumptions on what you think happened in saskatoon?

everything you say are your own words and have no fact to them. My situation with DL is our own and have nothing to do with any of this accept..that you want to present this information to try to taint my image. Well, there may even be some legal issues concerning that so I would be careful what you say Mr.Dickens

I have no problem with Mr.Lockhert and our situation will be resolved.

Carefull what I say ?


I dont need to make assumptions about you I dealt with your sorry ass and I have gained my opinion from first hand experience. You run around Vernon spreading lies and then try to shit on my Inst and fighters by completely making up a story and hopping on here . "No fact to them " lol You are a conman who couldn't start your own gym in your own community from scratch so you try to steal someone elses , by working for them and then opening a gym nearby and trying to steal the students you are a piece of shit scumbag. You owe me wages plus moving expenses,equipment costs,tv as outlined in your letter of termination. It's all detailed in the civil suit I am filing you sack of shit . YOU chose to be a scumbag and operate the way you have here in Vernon.
Should have listened to rennie and just mind your own business but from day one you went psycho with emails and running around town spreading bullshit stories , so fuck it lets go !!

Sir, I would rather not have to keep defending myself here on the UG, why do you continue to hate on me?

1- How could I owe you wages when I worked for you? You fired me, remember.

2-You agreed to cover $1700 dollars moving expenses as part of our agreement, and you did. the rest of the money I used to get my family out here came from MY wages, wages you paid me for. So I owe you nothing and making up your own paper work to sue me doesn't work, you need multiple contracts with signatures and whitnesses. All of which you have none because they do not exsist.

3-Equipment? As your head instructor, you GAVE me 1 pair of Showdown boxing gloves, which you kept when you dropped my stuff off and you gave me 1 pair of bag gloves. You seriously want to take them back? Man I will gladly give them back to you if you will just stop all of this.

4- The TV, DVD and computer you told me I would have in my room when I arrived, the same stuff all the other LIVE In's DIDN'T HAVE in their rooms?

Sir, now you are just grasping for air, put you feet down and you will see you are not drowing, you are just panicking and if you ask nicely, people will help you.