Aloha Stadium Protest Commercial = Douchey as Fuck

anyone see it? they hired mainland workers for the job, locals are pissed, yada yada yada. anyway, the commercial centers around some excited worker from Kentucky that they're talking to, and he's going on about how beautiful Hawaii is and how much he likes it. its obvious he thinks he's just having a friendly conversation with some local guy. but they edit it in a way that it takes on this Primetime Live rapist special feel, and portray the guy like he's some kind of perverse invader, like "how could you let this dumb hick foreigner take jobs away from our precious, helpless locals?"

don't want to take a pay cut, what'd you expect? leave the poor guy alone.

you might be on your own on this one

i dunno, i've always thought that we should be able to utilize whatever resources are available to us, and if it be mainland workers, then maybe so be it.

unless of course, they come from a 3rd world,

then FUK UM

NECKCRANK808 - you might be on your own on this one

they got their point across, but you didn't think it was a douchey way to do it?

DevinS - 
NECKCRANK808 - you might be on your own on this one

they got their point across, but you didn't think it was a douchey way to do it?

yup I agree about the commercial but most local commercials are crap

I dont agree with the fact that Local workers need to take pay cuts to compete main reason is

cost of living in Kentucky is a third of what it is in Hawaii

Thunderlips The Ultimate Male - The local construction workers are too lazy and will take too long to get things done.

LOL you should talk

ignorance is bliss.

Well it does take 20 guys to fix a pot hole or pour some concrete...also takes 2 yrs to pave a freeway on/off ramp here. lol
But I think it has to do more with those in charge. Like the LOCAL contractors that hire out of state or the LOCAL politicians that give these jobs to OUTside contractors too after making side deals. *Like Mayor Kusaka on kauai lol

if hawaiis union wants to charge alot of money and these guys wanna do it for less then fuck them. i would have told the local workers if u can match that price then sure but if not then eat a dick.
unions are outdated and worthless

take a pay cut BUT get paid..... or DONT GET PAID AT ALL

The choice is yours to make... making is haf the battle

WAIT 1 MINUTE THERE BUDDY. dont know what the fuck u are talking about. you must be a at-risk employee, hawaii is a pro union state. 1 out of every 4 workers in hawaii belong to a union. Most unions are there to protect the employees. make sure the companies follows the rules . they get a decent wage and benifets that will take care of not only the employees, but their families as well. most unions set up retirement for employees that get vested (time /years served) which for the most part is guaranteed. not his 401k bull shit, where u [lay the market and hope that your stocks are good when u retire. so for you to say that unions are outdated and worthless, i can show you some Union mentality

this is why online forums > online social network

stop using fancy words like "social"

Thats why our whole country is in a bind and countries like India are florishing. Outsourcing jobs= Bad idea...period. Basic economy guys study it. In reference to the kentucky guy not calling in sick....what? You think everyone in Hawaii is lazy and everyone in Kentucky works hard....oh ok Todd.

im all for them hiring local workers. but if they cant do the same job in the same amount of time then its obvious what to do.
.i can see why they were started years ago when people were getting screwed. but how much do they really do anymore? the labor laws and whatnots are pretty much in place from those unions arent they? i really got no clue on it.

Not really fishscale. The sad thing is that many of todays unions aren't run democratically. Union bosses have too much power in some cases, but I truly believe that unions are still needed to protect the worker. Our country was founded and structered on a check and balance system. Every branch must answer to each other. Unions keep the companies in check, keeping things fair for the working man.

Im sure we could have gotten 100 micros to do the same job as the haloe's Give then a little crack and the would have had it done in a week. With come day and night shifts.

Hawaii economy sucks although, way higher cost of living and way lower pay for the area.

Their is another Union protest next to TJ bar and grill. Looks like building is being constructed by non-union workers. So the Union pays 3-5 guys to stand outside to protest it. I think that is an excelent use of Union dollars....

Im pretty sure the guys standing outside are not getting paid. They probably laid off or retirees.


yup they are collecting un employment which really help are economy pay the local workers and stop out sourcing