Amount of steroids in MMA world?

Since the Congress is investigating the effects and influence of steroids on baseball, it got me to wondering about how prevalent steroids are in MMA? I would guess in the U.S, it's harder to get them and they're more expensive, so only the top guys can afford them, especially the ones that can't be detected through tests. I would also think that steroid use in Brazil and certain European countries is relatively high since they're legal there and can be puchased relatively easily. I don't know about Japan, but I would guess that steroid use is relatively light there because most Japanese fighters don't appear to be heavily muscled.

I'd say about as much as most other pro sports.


A certain top pro said openly on this forum that most fighters are juicing.

The minute I saw Olaf "The Roid Jesus" I knew the entire sport was jacked.

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adonis is correct

Adonis states, "See, we are puritans who ONLY shove cheeseburgers down our throats, smoke a pack of cigarettes each day, drink alcohol, and get fat. DId I mention our severe obesity rates, rising obesity in children, meth usage in rural areas that tear whole cities up, abuse of painkillers such as oxycontin, and crack in the inner city?"

Please explain to me what this has to do with the topic of this thread. Also, how would making steroids legal make anything that you mentioned any better? Will legalizing steroids make people stop smoking drinking and eating cheeseburgers?

While I don't particularly think that steroids should be illegal I also don't see how any connection can be made between you said and how the legality issues surrounding steroids are even remotely related.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.

Preach it brother Adonis!!! Tell it like it is!!

"I also don't see how any connection can be made between you said and how the legality issues surrounding steroids are even remotely related."

I can't speak for anyone else, but I think it's pretty stupid that people will bitch about fat-asses AND incredibly in-shape people. Do they want one or the other?

Take that "Little Hercules" kid. One the one hand, everybody's up in arms over obese kids. Then they turn around and criticize the kid's mom and accuse him of roiding. It's ridiculous.

Personally, I prefer in-shape people, even if they take roids to get there. It's no different than implants or plastic surgery, IMO. At least they aren't taking up two seats on the airplane.

After countless hours of analyzing statistical data and fighter biorhythyms the answer is 5,328.97 +/- 3.27%.

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how about the lightweight divisions and lower, do they use steroids?

"WHEN IS THE LAST FUCKING TIME you heard of a bodybuilder wadding up to a little old lady and waffling her over the head to steal her purse so he could afford his steroids?? "

we all know that they turn gay tricks to make money for roids, not robbery.

I was amazed when I saw McGuire testifying before Congress.

I was amazed because, with everything ELSE going on in the world, our shithead elected officials have to earn their pay (our money) by talking about steroid use in professional sports.

Frankly, I don't give a damn if McGuire-Bonds-Canseco are on the juice. For that matter I don't care if any athletes above the age of consent are juicing.

Its like smoking. If you don't think putting a substance with iffy quality control IN YOUR BODY is a risk then there really isn't anything I or anyone else can do to stop you or convince you otherwise. Its your ass.

But stop spending my goddamned tax dollars to ask McGuire if he was taking roids when he hit a bunch of balls a long long way with a stick.

Can y'all tell I've done my taxes and know I ain't gettin' a refund?


Steroid are for cheaters.

If you are a cheater, you are a pussy.

You are a pussy because you can't compete by relying on your own body and hard work.

Fuck cheaters.

Fuck juicers.

Fuck Bonds, McGwire, etc., you lying bastards.

The Adonis is correct in some sense. The Government wants us to be fat, tv watching, lard asses. It makes an armed insurection virtually impossible and they can continue to rape and pillage us as much as possible and nobody will even care.

I second what B47 said, I see no honor in using steroids. I'll never use them if I fight, I'd rather get a broken jaw because I was natural, than a championship belt because I was using steroids.

At the end of the day using steroids, well you are only cheating yourself