I was fortunate enough to teach a 2 day seminar this weekend in Vernon Canada. EVOLUTION MIXED MARTIAL ARTS is an unrealy gym that is doing great things...This place is 9300 Square feet and has a Ring, and caged in huge mat area, a million heavy bags, 3 live in rooms for 2 guys each with a TV, DVD, and Cable in each room, a full weight room, a full kitchen, locker rooms with a Jacuzzi and 3 showers in the mens and womens restrooms, a 15X15 foot projector screen in the lobby for watchign fights (and the Sopranos) and complete unlimited supply of equipment. Enough Focus Mits, Thai Pads, MEdicin Balls, Jump Ropes for 3 schools. I know I am going on and on about this but coming from a guy with some of the nicest schools out there this place is awesome.

I will be training here for my next fight and bringing my camp of guys here for all the proper needs to get ready for PRIDE...

I just wanted to say thanks to Les Dickens and Jason Darah for bringing me up and getting a lot of BIG things going...

Chris Brennan

Great, sounds like an awesome place.

NICE!! Could you post any pics of this place? Who trains there?

Wow!! How does the place compare to ATT's fascilities in Miami? This is fucking evolution. The Gold's gym of MMA...Thats what I am talking about. Clubs like this one and ATT are setting the standard for what a professional fighter is looking for (as well as deserves).

Who teaches up there? Do they also cater to recreational students as well (because that is important)? Do they only focus on MMA, or do they teach other styles there too (i.e.-judo, bjj, yoga, boxing, thai boxing, submission wrestling, etc.)?

Thanks for letting us know about this gym!!

I hear a lot of good things about he gym. Leslie Dickens has a lot invested in MMA. I can't wait for the return of Shut Up and Fight.

I used to live in Vernon, and I have a question- Does the club in question OWN this space or is it the space belonging to the rec centre (where they have the Judo club,etc..)? I met one guy from AN MMA club in Vernon, but he was vague about where exactly it was. Downtown? Anyyas, have fun training there, I can't think of a better place to spend a summer. Kalamalka lake is the shiznit!!!

Pics are up in the Canadian forum.

That is the site that will host the NORTH AMERICAN TRIALS for ADCC 2005!




There's pictures of the gym on the Canada forum...

It's like a big friggen candy store... :)

SO much stuff it's sweet...

ourtesy of c-hamzeh on the canada forum

holy shit

As the virgin Mary herself once said" "Come again?!"

damn that is an AWESOME setup!!

I sure do hope to get out there is September!

Very cool...

We should be doing a BANG and SECRET WEAPON camp there very soon also.




This place sounds awesome. I spent a month in vernon last summer, its a kick as town. The strip club rocks.

I am beyond impressed

Maybe this will be like the BIG BEAR of Canada/Vancouver.