Ancona's Gym re-opening soon!

Looks like the gym did not take that bad of a hit,Josh and I were cleaning up today, so we should be able to re-open as soon as the building owner's insurance and fema money comes in. Just some roof damage from the big sign being blown down and some wall parapet to be replaced. New Orleans is fucked fro at leats a year though, fortunately we are in Metairie, just next door west of New Orleans!! The Main Event which is right below us did take in about 2 feet of water and was full of mold when I got there last week, cleaning that up to.

Is Melvin still with you or will he have to move on with his life after this terrible storm.

Have not heard from him, his cell is out and all I know is that he is safe. I did hear he went back to vegas for a while!


Good luck, Joe! Glad to hear everything is OK down there.


Glad to hear that everything's O.K.!

glad to hear that your ok

Glad you guys are ok Joe.

good to hear. best of luck.


Good to hear all is well.


thanks guys, it means a lot!!!!!!!! this is the second time i had to face these kind of odds, back in oct of 1999 we had a fire that closed us down for 6 months

Good news man! Good luck.

yall come back ya hear!!!!!

ttt good to hear all is well!

Glad you guys are safe down there, and glad to hear you're reopening.

Good news, Joe. Hope to get you back to the Atl. for our Nov. 4th show.


glad to hear the doors are opening again. Glad all is well


best of luck to you Mr. Ancona!