Anderson just said he wants 4 or 5 more fights

Hope not, love him but anybody in top 5 kills him 

It was a strange retirement/non-retirement speech.


"I'm in a lot of pain and too old now ... think I'll fight 4 more times."


He looks fresh at the post-fight presser.

Says he's "so happy" and he loves to fight. He says people ask him why he doesn't stop because he has nothing left to prove, but this is his life, his heart.

Pass the tissues.

He wouldn't call out a next opponent. Says he just wants to go home and heal for now.

Time for the GOAT to call it a career!

he should go to bellator

he could get on the same stuff tito was on vs sonnen

win couple more times off into the sunset

I'd like to see him fight Bisping again.
Maybe fight Uriah Hall.
Vitor again would be fun.
Him vs Conor at 170.
Don't really want to see him vs the top 5 though.
Just give him fun fights and let him do his thing.

Give him the bisping rematch - he's a legend and deserves it. If he loses then retire. If he wins give title shot to Whittaker!!! War Whittaker!!!

He desperatly needs a step down in competition, he's 0-5-1 in his last 6....

Brabatross -

He desperatly needs a step down in competition, he's 0-5-1 in his last 6....

Which is why bisping match makes sense

idk if he needs a step down as much as he just needs to get the killer instinct back. It's like he has more fun out there just sparring then actually trying to finish a guy. 

Am I in some alternate universe now where busting isn't the champion?

Hes going to bella or rizin

I Blow Semen Bubbles - Hes going to bella or rizin

He signed a 10 fight deal when he was champion, I think he might have 2/3 fights on his contract left 


seems to me he just wants money. He wasn't fit last night, he never went for the kill. 

I'd like to see him fight more, but somewhere like Japan and on the juice. Watching him in the UFC these days is kinda sad.

Half the speed he once had... Moving in slow motion...Please hang it up.

He was in danger 0 seconds of the fight. But he's done?

He looked like he barely trained for this fight. 

Anderson used to be one of the greatest but now he should just hang it up. I'm baffled that anyone wants to see him fight anymore.Zzzzzz.....

I'm fine with it. While old and far from his prime,  he is still strong and healthy, based on last night's fight.


I want to see him  against Luke, Mousasi and Bisping before he says goodbye.

DanChow - Anderson is done he lost that fight tonight and needs for retire before he gets hurt.