Anderson & Nick arguing on conference call (AUDIO)

Anderson gets fed up and I can't say I blame him. Awkward hearing Anderson get offended.


It's disappointing because I thought Nick was going to keep it classy for this fight.



Audio courtesy of Peteyandjia

In Phone Post 3.0


Is this real? Phone Post 3.0

fake as fuck

Jackson Combs - fake as fuck
Really? Damn.

Out Phone Post 3.0

Can't be real Phone Post 3.0

This is fake as shit. Phone Post 3.0

hehe pretty funny though

wtf i thought this was going to be real. But I did LOL

great dialog and voices guys. thanks for making and for OP sharing. made me lol a few times.

Pretty hilarious!

In Phone Post 3.0

The Diaz voice was great. Had me for a minute. Funny stuff. Phone Post

LOL. Nicks voice was on point, good shit Phone Post 3.0

Da Heebok iss good Phone Post 3.0

VU for sharing. Lmao That was good. Nicks mad now he's fighting the Terminator, lol.
"You can't grow Titanium on trees, whatever" Phone Post 3.0


Excited for bak, neek is good fighter Phone Post 3.0

I had to stop a few minutes in to see if it was real, damn good job Phone Post 3.0

Lol that was great. Phone Post 3.0