Anderson Silva: I'm not fighting Brazilians again

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                                Anderson Silva: I'm not fighting Brazilians again

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                    <p>The issue of fight a teammate is a contentious one in the UFC, but former middleweight champion Anderson Silva plans to take it to a new level. In a recent interview with Brazil&#39;s SporTV, Silva said there was no more fighting fellow Brazilians.</p>

To Silva, the UFC belt is a national patrimony, something the Brazilian people can take pride in. If a Brazilian holds the title, that's good enough for him.

“I’m in another phase," said Silva as translated by Andreas Brauning for FightLand. "I want to find myself again. If I get my credentials back up again and have the chance to fight for the title again against Chris Weidman, or any other athlete who isn’t Brazilian, I’d fight for sure.”

UFC middleweight champion Weidman fights Brazilian Vitor Belfort at UFC 184 on Feb 28, and Silva hopes Belfort takes it.

“Vitor has been active in the UFC longer than anyone," said Silva. "He was champion when he was 19, and he deserves this opportunity. I believe that he will win his fight against Weidman. Brazil needs to cheer for him. The title is a Brazilian legacy, it needs to stay here.”

In October Weidman wondered why so many American MMA fans did not support an American champ, like himself.

"I've fought all these top Brazilians," said Weidman. "They're all supporting their people, Anderson Silva, they're supporting him. Lyoto Machida, they're all supporting him. I didn't have the full support of America. Not everyone American was rooting for me because I'm from America. If they were rooting for me, it's because they were a fan of me. There was a lot of fans from America who were cheering for Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida."

So what do you think UG? Who is your favorite fighter? And does country have anything to do with it?

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I really dont get this and im also kind of tired of Silva. He had one of the most amazing runs, i wish these guys would bow out gracefully.

For some reason this really bothers me Phone Post 3.0

Translated- "I don't want to lose to Machida or Jacare" Phone Post 3.0

TheEmperorRises - Translated- "I don't want to lose to Machida or Jacare" Phone Post 3.0

LOL, so true.....Great post.

Just an excuse. He knows that Vitor will destroy him now. Phone Post 3.0

When he was champ it was an issue.
If he's not fighting for a belt and fighting for his country, making money and putting on a show he can do whatever the fuck he wants. He's earned it in my books. Phone Post 3.0

Except for Rockhold, the top 5 guys at middleweight are all Brazilian. I love Silva, but he needs to get off that bullshit. Phone Post 3.0

He's allowed to turn fights down. I have no problem with that. He's doesn't have to fight at all if he doesn't want to.

Why would he have to fight Vitor anyway? Phone Post 3.0

I have no problem with it. He can do what he wants. Phone Post 3.0

That sucks. I really wanted to see him fight Machida or Vitor again.

I think for him right now, it makes the most sense. He's trying to further cement his national hero status, which will benefit him and his family once he does retire. Fighting fellow Brazilians at this point in his career would only do harm to that.

Once you've seen and done it all, you pick your shots.

FreakDaddy - 
TheEmperorRises - Translated- "I don't want to lose to Machida or Jacare" Phone Post 3.0

LOL, so true.....Great post.

Hard to blame him for not wanting to match up with guys who are arguably at their best while he is at the end of his career. In his prime he would have no issue.

Also, don't forget Machida & Jacare have both said they never wanted to fight Anderson. Only recently that may have changed.

I hope Andy retires with all smiles. He is a legend of the sport.

We want vitor v andy 2 ! Phone Post 3.0

I don't think he will fight more than a few more times. I think he just takes a couple fights to prove to himself he still has it and walks away. And if he does that good for him.

Lord knows I was one to hate on some of his antics but you have to respect what he did in the octagon. Phone Post 3.0

Not hating on Anderson, But if you are going to be in an organization that is so highly competitive. With all due respect, I can see a guy not wanting to fight a close team mate. But at what point do you draw the line. I understand his side of things. He has been in the fight game so long. Its hard for me to argue against the guy. I guess he calls his fights if this is the case.

mudflaps - This whole "I won't fight this guy because he's from this country or this team or we used to hang out" thing is getting really old. This is a business. Get over yourself.
If it was just, Dc would have fought for the hw title, and GSP would have fought Rory. When you fight, you risk giving and receiving permanent damage. When you consider that Silva has trained with Machida, Jacare, and Belfort, you have to see why he wouldn't want to fight them.

As champ, Anderson fought everyone who challenged him. Now that he's not champ, let him pick his fights. Weidman is the one that has to fight all the challengers now.... Phone Post 3.0

TheEmperorRises - Translated- "I don't want to lose to Machida or Jacare" Phone Post 3.0

Silly, baseless posts like this make me sad. You think he lied about not wanting to fight Brazilians (which he mentioned multiple times as champ) because he's scared to fight those guys? Even though, in the same breath, he said he would fight Weidman, who stomped him twice?

It's much more logical that, as he comes to the end of his legendary career, he'd just prefer not to fight anymore of his own countrymen. I don't like his nationalistic stance, and I'd like him more if he said he was down to fight whoever, but don't disrespect an amazing fighter by saying made up shit like that.

Silva says all sorts of shit. Phone Post 3.0