Anderson Silva's MMA Mount Rushmore may surprise you

What are your thoughts on Silva’s four choices? And who is on YOUR Mount Rushmore of MMA?

any mt rushmore without fedor is a joke. only thing i am sure of is fedor and royce. id add sakuraba there too. and maybe gsp or amanda nunes


Anderson Silva went 1-7-1 under USADA.


Hes also bisexual, and purposely had some of the worst fights in history.

He was also old as shit and past his prime by the time usada came around.


Dont forget his squeaky girl voice and his absolutely 100% fraudulent fake humble routine!

Oh… yeah… (eyes darting around suspiciously)

That must have been it!

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Couldnt have been the steroids!

It didn’t help. He was like 40 in 2015 when usada started.

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“Steroids can lead to bone loss, osteoporosis, and broken bones. When steroid medications are used in high doses, bone loss can happen rapidly”.

funny how when usada came and weidman lost all the time and broke his leg too. same with conor. like nate says, they are all on steroids

Isnt Mount Rushmore supposed to be about the founding fathers. What a dumb shit. Im surprised he didnt just pick

  1. Sean O’Malley
  2. Maycie Barber
  3. Conor McGregor
  4. Israel Adesanya
  5. Nate Diaz

Anderson isnt the brightest guy.

But then again, he did trick idiots into believing he couldnt speak english for many years, and he made people believe he was humble even though hes a prick.

The guy absolutely sucks! Japanese jobber Takase made short work of him, rando Sakai put him in a highlight reel, and he almost lost to Ogawa! Then he learns to take steroids and has a resurgance, guy is a phony!

I didn’t like how you implied Silva chose Royce and Minotauro was because of “nationalist” feelings.

If Royce hadn’t won all those fights out of his weightclass, UFC would not have become what it is today.

Minotauro was also the best in the world for a while.

How long was Minotauro’s run between beating Herring for the title and become 2nd fiddle to Fedor. One defense if that? Might as well have put Fedor himself, or Kerr or Coleman in there instead.


didnt he fight the same years as Fedor

nogueura is great but not better than fedor. give me a fucking break on putting him over fedor

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Mount Rushmore is not about GOAT but about gamechangers/influence on MMA I guess.

There Royce and Khabib are legit picks. Not the other two.

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How was Khabib a game changer or influencer?

I love the “they weren’t the same since USADA” argument for fighters who were either washed or past their primes during those years.