Announcers ruin Pride Show?

Seeking an honest answer to an honest question. Seems like most of the guys here who watched the English broadcast didn't enjoy it. Some say the announcing was by Bas and Mauru (sp?) was really bad, with the canuck being quite negative even in times of action.

Do you think the commentary swayed your opinion of the show? Do you think you would think the fights were better if there was more 'positive' or even no commentary? I watched the show live in Japanese at a friends place. I couldn't understand a word the commentators were saying, so all I had was the action and the crowd noise. With that I thought the show was rather good overall. Not remarkably great, but I wouldn't complain about it at all.


No I don't have a problem with announcers, I think for myself. Next question?

mauro definately put a negative spin on the night... he couldnt stop reminding everyone that the show sucked and all the upcoming fights would also probably suck

mauro is a bitch. get rid of him. we need quadros.

bas did go along with it... it was the theme of the night

dse cant be happy

I thought it was OK to get rid of Quatros but there has not been a superior replacement yet so maybe I was wrong.

you could tell that mauro really doesn't like yoshida.. kept bashing him. ridiculous. the worst combo...

So would some of you say your enjoyment of the show could have been better without the negative commentary?

It's funny how EVILYOSHIDA would be the only one to pick up on that while the rest of us almost thought he was sort of just calling it as he saw it. I mean really, it's kind of ironic.

I can decide for myself regardless saying this fight is boring, the fighters are not giving it there all certainly is not helping, its making the ppv worse.

I really dislike rogan, but at least the ufc announce team even during slower fights like lindlands last fight, they just dont keep saying this is boring, they are not giving it there all, they dont say that.

I was shocked at how critical the announcers were during the entire show.

Especially ragging on Igor when he was dominating Kondo and looked great doing it. I don't know what they were expecting with such closely matched fights. These fights weren't Alex x James Thompson for fuck's sake.

the japanese broadcast was dope. i never heard such homer broadcasting in my life.


trans: "good luck yoshida, you're the man, you're a warrior."

this was DURING the fucking match. it was awesome.

the screaming japanese dude plus eiko is an unbeatable combination.

Between Mauro and my friends wife calling any ground fighting gay all human speech negatively impacted the show for me.

Yeah, the Pride Japanese Announcing crew are great, especially when Saku or Yoshida are fighting.

worst ever commentating ever

japanse commentating is the best. i can't understand jack shit.. but it's like mexican soccer world cup announcing. EXCITING.

ranallo is impotent and negative. POS announcing.

Thanks for the insight obesedary and DemonClown I would never know that shit if guys like you didn't clue me in.

Bring back Quadros!!!!!!!!

I found the commentary ruined the event for me & would like to contact Pride to lodge a complaint.

I found the commentary to be completely disrespectful towards the fighters & what they were trying to achieve. I also found it wasn't accurate.

SILK if you've got Pride connections let them know that this type of commentary will have a negative effect on their shows

Yeah, something needs to be done. Looking at the results and thinking back to the fights, the show wasn't terrible (it wasn't great either, it was just alright). But the announcers made the show our ro be the worst in PRIDE history.