Another drain the ear thread...

Got one on the inside 'dish' area of my ear. Had it for 7 days then gave it a good knock last night. It is softish and sore.

Can I still drain it?

What should i do after its drained?

My braso GF is a nurse so should be able to do the work for me!


 Do NOT ruin that finely cauliflowered ear! It makes you more handsome

Its gettn there, but I wanna drain the bump on the inside. There is plenty of time for that to grow slowly, not just 'pfffft', magic cauli!

You should contact 10th Planet Melbourne.

The GF is coming over to drain it!

She may also try and get some fluid outta my ear! ;p

I will get some pics!

Hey Ben... I had my ears done a few times in Aus and doctors almost NEVER knew what to do. I had a bunch of dudes cut it open with a scalpel even. That scarred all lumpy n shit. Worst ever! I ended up going to a sports doc who worked with Rugby guys and he did it pretty well.

All you need is a little insulin syringe to drain the bood out. Then after that you need to bandage it up to keep pressure on it for a few days so it doesn't just fill out again. And it will if you don't. Some people put in like a plastasine or putty mould against the inside of the ear so it keeps the right shape, then bandage over it. Bandage it pretty tightly. I dunno what other bandage options there are... But I wanted to do it right so I bandaged my whole head like I was in a war.

Also on advice from that sports doc, icing it often while it was bandaged seemed to stop it filling back up again.

Good luck.

My war torn head for referance :)

It's a small picture but it doesn't look like much, if any, cauli on that ear. It will probably go down pretty good if you ice it off and on for a few days.

Thanks Denis, hope you are keeping well. I will do what you said. I think I will find a rugby doc. I have a bunch of small hyperdermic needle (from work, i swear!).

BTW My GF (Brazilian nurse), just came over and she said 'put hot on it and rub it'. She means heat pack and massage. I think she probably has no idea. Damn Maria Tatames!

AlliancePA, its hard to see with that photo. Here is a better one. Its not really the worst, but its growing, and although they make my dial look better, I dont want to look like Wallid just yet!



Id go to a ear nose and throat guy and have them help you. You can do it with an insulin needle if you get it early. If I don't get it after a few days it starts clotting and I can't get much out.

Oh, that picture is better, I see it now. Yeah, have your girl drain it and hope it doesn't fill back up. It is actually fairly easy to pack your ear out when it is in a spot like that which will keep the pressure on it and allow the skin to reattach. Good luck.

Waiting is bad. Like JudoScott said, if the fluid clots, you won't be able to get it out.

I do mine every day at work sitting at my desk with a small mirror (like from a girl's make-up-compact thing). They usually take three days/drainings before they quit refilling.

You could drain it with an insulin needle but it's a slow and painful process. One of the times I got cauliflower I tried draining it with an insulin needle with very little success. I poked it 5 times and only got about a 1.5 CCs out. Blood is just too thick for it, you need like a 20 gauge+ needle. If you got bodybuilding or nurse friends they might be able to hook you up, but I couldn't get my hands on any. I was at Meijer and Walgreens telling them, "Look at my ear! I'm not a heroin user!" They didn't care.

Really it's best to have a doctor do it, except every time they have no idea what they're doing. I loved it how they were always trying to act like they knew exactly what they were talking about. That's after 10 minutes of inspecting my ear and asking their assistants what it was and having other people look at it. Luckily I only had the scalpel done once.

Like said by the other posters, ice was always my secret. Helped so much to reduce my ears from "wow his ears are fucked up that shit's gross" to "his ears are weird". Also compression is necessary to help the ear re-attach itself together again and prevent the gaps from filling up with blood. What I did was I went to Walgreens and got a pack of hairclips for like a buck, and would wear a hairclip if it was on the thin part of the ear (if you're more manly than me you can try a clothespin). For the inside ear or canal I used an earplug. I kept these in as long as I could and iced. Also, I had to wear headgear for about a month or my ear would fill up with blood again. But I've never had a problem with an area re-cauliflowering.

My first bit of cauliflower was about in that same spot. I just let it go but now it looks weird. I would drain it asap if you can. Good luck man.

Actually the above post reminded me... That sports doc put in a little anasthetic with an insulin syringe... then drained it with a bigger one.

Here's my crappy ear these days. Took this photo cos of the nasty cut. God fucking torpedo headbutted by a noob spazzing out in my guard. If I wasn't bleeding everywhere I would have killed him!


Ouch. Im sure you can think of a better 'scar story' for that one!

While we are comparing cuts...


just poke the ear with a sewing needle and squeeze it out.

dont be such a pansy that you go see a doctor for a little blood inside your ear.

Sorry, I am a big pansy!

Just use a clean needle if you drain it yourself. The ear can get infected easily. If you go to the doctor, demand to see an ent. Don't let some idiot doctor slice your ear open like I did! A good ent will get you squared away.