Another fake blackbelt?

From the Atama BJJ forum.  Cooper Pereira claims to be a black belt under "family Machado" in 1990.  Take a look at this instructional video and his website.  He misspells jiu jitsu throughout the whole site, and his videos look like shit.

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From his site:

""Cooper was born in Brazil and began his first martial art training at age 4 in "Shorin Ryu" and "Goju Ryu" style Karate and earned his black belt at age 15""

is it odd for someone that young to get a BB in karate??


wow, I am intimidated by the mean face!!


get him UG!


in :-)

Fire up the torches!



gotta be a UGer


 All i know is that after watching his mma instructional video I cant wait to wear a cut off gi top and sprawl shorts the next time i do nogi.   Pay careful to the part where is says to heel strike the junk after the armbar. 

man the harpoons

Gotta love the Johnny Lawrence-esque gi top, camo belt and sprawl shorts look. Keep it classy!!

 He maybe claiming a Japanese JuJitsu BB, he just gives off that vibe.

Oh man


 Why the hell would any of you care who he is or if his rank is fake? Does it make one bit of difference to you or your training?

You do realize that your turning BJJ into a bunch of elitists snobs.