Any Latest Riggs info...

Just wondering if anyone is in the "know". Seemed very disappointed after the Diego fight, in the ring I mean. One fighter that is fun to watch and still, in my opinion, has a great career ahead of him.

Anyone have any news?


Guess everyone is at am I...


crickets chirping

I like Riggs as much as anyone, but I don't think he deserves to be in the UFC at the moment.

He got KO'd by Diego who IMO has ugly standup, which is supposedly Joe's bread and butter.
Choked out by Swick!

I dont know, I think he's a huge WW who should be overpowering people, but he just doesnt seem to put it together at the right time.

I think he can kick the crap out of all of us.
Seriously I think he does belong in there. He has lost against arguabley top guys. Before Salaverry left he was tearing through the division. Swick is undefeated,
as is Diego who is in line for a title shot.
He is still really young and I think his time will come.

I agree..Time will tell..Just watch his obliterating Kendall Groves in Hawaii..


Riggs vs. Diaz II for the belt in WEC.

He's going thru some serious personal tragedy so cut the guy some slack.

Riggs is a great fighter and very young. His time will come.

I am no Riggs fan by any stretch but what he whent through was horrible and fighter or not he is human.IF he gets his head straight(if even possible after any parents worse nightmare)he could be a force.He is young and has potential..

Rumor has it he is gonna have surgery to remove part of his legs to make 155..Sherk better watch out

Nothing against Riggs but How many dissapointing fights and how many chances does this guy get before he goes to another show? He is taking a spot that other people deserve.

IMO Riggs needs a lot more training and less fights. No doubt he is a warrior but he has often had 2 fights within a month. Where's the time to heal, train and learn. I think he has a lot of talent, he just may need to take a little time off to heal (physically and mentally) hone the skills he has and learn some new skills. I hope to see him back in the ufc again if he is better but if he fights the way he has lately there is no reason to see him again unless you like his muscles or his tattoos.

From what everyone says, Joe has all the talent necessary to succeed. Everyone who's trained with him says he's an absolute monster in the gym. The skills are there, he just needs to put it together in the cage. I think that will happen. It might just take some time.

I agree with everyone in that he has tons of talent, but eventually you have to show it and in this sport, on a pretty consistant basis against high level competition. I like the guy, but I dont think he's done that.

Just out of curiousity, what exactly is this personal tragedy people are referring to?

Everyone keeps saying he's taking up spots that more deserving guys should get...who's more deserving?

He lost to Diego...big deal, so did Karo, Kenflo, Diaz, Alessio and several others...all of which got another shot as Diego is top 5 in the UFC at his shame in losing to Diego. And all this shit about getting KO'd by a guy without hands is bullshit. Lauzon KO'd Pulver and Lauzon is a BJJ guy...does that mean Jens sucks and he belongs in smaller shows? Stop it...Anything can happen in a fight, and Riggs seemed ok until the knee, which was a beautiful strike by diego. Riggs did what 99% of the fighters in the world would get dropped, jump back up, and if the guy is rushing in, either move or tie him up...unfortunately diego countered the shot with a knee...shit happens.

Losing to Salaverry and Swick aren't exactly bad losses either...both guys are fucking great. Not like he's losing to chumps.

Who are these more deserving fighters that you all speak of?

can a lot of bouncing around in weights screw up how you fight?

Riggs, Like Vitor, will always have people that can't wait until his next fight. I don't mean that in a negative way. But people dog both guys but eyes are glued when they fight.


As many of you know, I dislike Riggs as much as anyone. That being said, Riggs deserves to be in the UFC. Riggs is a headcase, but when his head is on straight, he is tough and fun to watch.


What happened to Riggs, in his personal life? I hear you guy talking about his tragedy but I never heard what happened?