Any1 Review BadBreed DVDs

How are the Bad Breed DVDs? How long is the running time for these? Can somebody post a breif review on content/quality ect...? thanks

I liked em

1-3 are the best, IMO.

4 is also very good, it does highlite clips if a lot of events and you get to see alot of the IFC Tourney where babalu won.

5 is just a single event

Alright thanks.


BBTV 6 is being replicated as I write and it's one of the coolest yet. It features all of Reality Combat's Caged Mayhem as well as 6 full-length fights including Rich Clemente versus Pete Spratt. The entire disk is hosted from Bourbon Street in New Orleans with Rich Clementi on Halloween Night - it's off the hook!

Frank. If it will help we will post full-length segments of Bad Breed TV on our site for everyone to see. Give us a couple of days.

Good news thanks. Your stuff looks good. Jeff Osbourne used to make "behind the scenes" videos. I still like watching them. I've read the discriptions of your dvds and they look very interesting. Im going to order some for sure.

I have 1 more question. Will the sold out items be back in stock anytime?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, they will all be ready by Monday. We've been waiting for some replication reorders to get finished. The holidays kind of slowed things down a little.

I can't wait to see #6.

Is the ICE show on that one?

Butch, Ice is on BBTV7 which is following shortly after 6, probably only by a couple of weeks. We can put some ICE online if you need it sooner ;-)


I enjoyed the first two.I got 3+4 at Shooto this weekend and didn't like that fact that the fights were just highlight clips.If I had known that I wouldn't have bought them.I liked the first two though because they had full events on them.

You can't go wrong with any BB DVD's! Where else are you going to get this type of coverage?

Actually, #3 is FFC5. I think #4 is the one you're thinking of, because it is highlights from 7 different events. The reason, we did it that way purely to provide coverage to as many shows on one disk as possible. It would impossible for us to produce an entire event for every event we attend (as mush as we would like to).

It's kind of like sports news, it would be difficult to show the full game from all the games they need to cover.

Fortunately, not ever Bad Breed is exactly the same. After #4 which was 7 different events (because of the first American Fighter tour), Bad Breed #5 is all of Freestyle Fighting Championships #6. And Bad Breed #6 is all of Reality Combat Caged Mayhem, plus 5 fights of Rich Clementi and a couple of others we found to be F&$*ing battles like Benefield vs. Folse.

We will try to keep them unique, different and the only thing like it. Keep letting us know what you like and don't like and we'll keep trying to bring you the best American MMA we can find. Wait until you see BB#7 it contains International Cage Events (ICE), Reality Combat, International Fighting Championships (IFC), Battle of New Orleans, Victory Fighting Championships (VFC), World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) and Freestyle Fighting Championships (FFC).

very cool...

Will #7 contain all of the fights from the VFC show?I had a friend fight in that tourney and I want to know if his matches will be on there before I buy it.

Also do you know if EC51 is available in whole anywhere else as well as the Midwest Fighting Show.I had the same friend fight on that show as well


I'm not sure if EC51 is on DVD, however, if Monte wants it there, I'll gladly do it for him. As for the VFC, we will be putting some of those fight online and all of them on #7.

TTT for Victory Jay and VFC! Bad Breed will be at the next VFC in March to video tape and produce the full event.

ICE from OHIO will be available on today. Not exactly know when, but today.