Anybody use wheatgrass?

Anybody here take wheatgrass? tablet or drink? I have
just started taking the tablet form. Any of you have
an opinion on its benefits?

Supposed to be a powerful antioxidant. I was getting a 2oz shot from jamba juice daily.


Anybody use it?

I go through phases where I drink it for a month or so. Good fiber and antioxidants. It makes me feel good anyway.

I think wheat grass is clever marketing more than anything else.

They say a glass is equal to 2 pounds vegetables. But what type of vegetables and how large is the glass?(its hard enough to drink a tiny shot of the stuff).

I once say a table comparing wheat grass to broccoli in vitamin and mineral content. Broccoli beat it hands down.

I dont believe wheat grass is bad, but a shot does you no more good than eating a floret of broccoli. It definately isn't magical stuff.