Anyone Dry?

Damn, it's flooding big time.

^Is it near flooding conditions at your house? I heard there were a few places in Mililani that needed a water evacuation last night.

I gave my oldest my ECWCs parka for school is was raining so hard.....she'll look a little goofy, but she'll be dry. Car is washed though :)

my parking structure is fucked, when it rains light its flooded, right now its just stupid, good thing im looking at a new apartment today.

raining here on the east coast too

Posting road-mobile on my BB

Kettlebells staying in the trunk,scratch the fuggin workout. Sitting at diamodhead lookout eating this yeah!

 Mna we can use some rain, but all at once?

*I'm building an arc.



my mats r all wet! :(

 ^^about time they got cleaned.

Hey good time for central guys to finally wash their gi's.. :-)

i was up at 5:30 this morning trying to unstuck my dog's rusted metal clip so i could relocate him to a dryer area. i got soaked.

just finished digging trenches in the back yard with my son so we don`t get a swimming pool in my living room. sh!!!!!t

You guys should see my gym's driveway in Mapunapuna.

I went today to make sure the mats were not flooded. The water was so deep outside I had the Mrs. open the gate because she had knee high rubber boots and I didn't want to get my shoes wet.

goddam sounds horrible in Hawaii

Some bad flooding on the North Shore.

Woke up this morning to overflowing river waters rushing into my driveway. My house is raised off the ground about 6-7 feet. We had to evacuate the house, and when we left, the water was nearly neck level. We waded through the streets and got to high ground (where we luckily had a truck parked) and got the fuck out of there. I have no idea if my house is flooded or not. It's finally stopped raining.

We got out just in time and only with what we could carry, for me: laptop, camera, iPod, and my pet cockatoo.

Here's a few photos shortly after the flooding started. The water got nearly twice as high.

View from my front door.

View from my back porch.

My neighbor saving his kegs.

My neighbors garage. I live in a duplex and we share a driveway. Mine is flooded just as bad. We opened the garage doors because they were both about to cave in from all the water rushing up against them.

A man rescuing a child.

My escape plan: A kayak in the backyard.

Holy Shit! I knew it was raining hard, but didn't realize it was raining that hard.

Too bad the marathon wasn't today, would have been fun to watch.

GregHonda - Holy Shit! I knew it was raining hard, but didn't realize it was raining that hard.

Rained hard here all night and through the morning and caused the rivers to flood over. In the last picture with the yellow kayak, you can see where the river runs just behind the large tree in the background. I live basically where Helemano Stream converges with Opaeula Stream.

Looks like the worst of it is over now. Shit was scary for a minute though. Still have to go back to the house and asses the damage. I know one car was almost completely underwater. And my shed in the backyard was floating.

I only wish I had the photographic prowess of Greg Honda so I could have gotten more, better pictures!